Tuesday, November 13

Day 13: A Warm Home

Old picture of the living room. I'd show a more recent one but...it's a disaster
 I am grateful for a warm apartment and our friendly neighbors.

I am thankful that we can afford to live so close to BYU campus, and for the ward we are in. The BYU Married 4th Ward is terrific. We have so many great couples who are always willing to serve one another. If nothing else, being with such a great ward gives me hope for the future of the Church. It is amazing how quick everyone is to fill a need for someone else. 

Thank you for wonderful neighbors and ward friends. I am so blessed to be so close to so many saints.
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Ward friends (last year). Now the couple on the left have a baby girl :) and the couple in the middle has moved away :(

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  1. Oh, Olivia. I feel pretty honored to be pictured in your blog! =) Which, I love reading, by the way!


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