Monday, November 5

Day Five: My Great Grandmother

My lovely great grandmother turned 97 today. 
I love her so incredibly much. 
She is a wonderful woman who still has a sense of humor even in the frailty of old age.
Although she is physically weak, she is mentally and spiritually strong. 
She is not yet a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, but I am certain that one day she will accept the gospel and become a Latter-day Saint. 
My Nana, Claudine Kane, has been apart from her husband for twenty-one years. 
If you ask me, that is far, far too long to be separated from one's beloved spouse. I cannot even fathom being away from Dalin for that long a time. For this reason, and as I see her suffering from bodily pain and weakness, I hope that she will soon pass from this life so she can be reunited with her loving husband--my great grandfather--and with her Savior.
I cannot wait to see her in the prime of her life--I know that I will see her again and I know she will be full of joy and life. 
I know that families are forever.
I am so comforted by this knowledge and wish that all could know the potential we have to spend an eternity of happiness with our loved ones.
The next time I see my great grandmother, I know she will have a smile on her face and be firmly holding the hand of her husband. I so look forward to seeing her at peace and in the prime of her life.
I am grateful to know that I can be with my family again and for all eternity.

I just love her so much

Who are you grateful for?
Do you believe that families are forever?

Who in your family do you look forward to seeing again someday?

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