Friday, November 2

Day Two: My family

How could family not be next on my list?
I love every single one of them so much.

Dalin Brent Gunnell

Brothers & Sisters:
Donovan French Searle
Payson Charles Arthur Searle
Shaina ReNae Gunnell
Cassie Joan Frazee & Shay Frazee & Maddox
Jensen Kay Gunnell

Our Moms:
Linda Adams French Searle
JeNeale ReNae Hill Gunnell

Our Dads:
Keith Murray Searle
Jonathan Brent Gunnell

My Grandparents:
Charles B. French
Barbara Kane French
Claudine Kane

His Grandparents:
Leola Joan Hill
Laura L. Gunnell
Brent Gunnell
Donna Gunnell

Aunts & Uncles & Cousins:
Carolyn & Ned Witham
Cedric, Charlie, Noah, & Margaret

Jay & Lauralee Hill
Topher, Ronan, Lacey, Lincoln

Pam & Bob Peek
Tom, Will, & Andrew

Cash & Marisa Hill
Spencer, Audrey, Emmett, & Ava

Dianne & Phil Stephenson
Andrea, Whitney, Grant, Lydia, & Nancy

Jared & Maren Hill
Preston, Noah, Cordell, & Sasha

Andy & Molly French
Jackson & Caelan

& many more!

Gillilands, Connollys, Gunnells, Blues, Cases, Bluths, Solomons, Hardwicks, Wermuths, Keemes, Bradfords, Asays, Saltzmans......
Our families together
My beautiful family...everyone looks great!
Dalin's wonderful family--everyone looks radiant!
Dalin's side! Uncles, aunt, cousins, sisters, parents, Grammy
With my wonderful grandparents--Nana and Grandpa French (I love them so much!)
Four generations--with my lovely great-grandmother, Nana Kane
Wonderful Grandpa and Gramma Gunnell at our Boise reception!
Our lovely grandmother, Grammy Hill
My side: Searles, Frenches, Withams, Stephensons, and Peeks (pre-Gunnells) :)
His side: Hills, Hills, and more Hills...and Gunnells & Frazees :)
I love, love, love my family. 
I am so grateful that I can be with them for eternity!!!!!
"We build deep and loving family relationships by doing simple things together, like family dinner and family home evening and by just having fun together. In family relationships love is really spelled t-i-m-e, time." ~President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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  1. Family is so important and we are so greatful Olivia that you married a young man with an AMAZING family! It gives us peace of mind to know that while you are away, you have a family there for you when we can't be. We love you and miss you both! Mom and Dad


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