Tuesday, November 20

Day 19: Fifteen Months of Marriage

I am grateful for 15 blissful months of marriage!

You know what they say, time flies when you're having fun ;)

What we've done right:
Telling each other we love each other...many times every day
Kisses, hugs, and snuggling daily
Smiling always
Laughing a lot
Saying sorry often
Forgiving constantly
Dates weekly
Couples' prayer night and day
Respecting the wishes of one another
Random acts of kindness
Giving gifts once in a while
Sharing chores
Playing games often
Having Family Home Evening weekly
Reading a chapter in the scriptures nightly
Planning our family...constantly ;)
Trying new things daily
Spending time together (for us, constantly)
Putting aside disagreements that can wait--just about always
Attending the temple together as much as possible
Making decisions together always
Being completely honest with one another
Always trying to be the spouse we want to have

We have lots to work on (mostly me) but we are doing our best.
And I am so happy with how things are going :)

What are some things you do to increase the love between you and your spouse?

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