Tuesday, November 20

Day 20: Thanksgiving Break!

I am so grateful for breaks from school!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to be in Boise with our family members! We are leaving this afternoon--Shaina, Layton, Dalin, and I and we are most likely picking up Marisa Johnson on the way.

I LOVE Thanksgiving! 

I love family and food and games and laughter!
Although I will most certainly miss my wonderful family in New Hampshire especially because we are hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year, I always have fun with my brothers and sisters-in-law.

I hope that everyone has a terrific Thanksgiving! I am grateful for these few days off to get the heck out of Utah and be with some family.

And who knows, we might drive home in a new car... ;)
But more about that later...


Let me know what you are doing for the break!

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