Thursday, November 15

Day 15: Days like today

Today was great. It really was. 
I felt like this kid today
I got a 100 on my last Doctrine & Covenant's quiz (which is a miracle considering how little time I had to study last night).

Then I had a great time in my LDS Marriage & Family class where we talked about children and how to raise them (Note to self: Say no kids! They need to hear "no" more often. It means you love them!). 

After that, I headed home to pick Dalin up to bring him to work and to make lots and lots of stuffing for the King Henry Thanksgiving party today. It was incredibly easy. I chopped up some celery to add to it. I never was a huge fan of stuffing, but I decided I like it was delicious! 

At work, we did not have much going on other than preparation for the Thanksgiving lunch, which started at one. We went around the table (there were like 18 of us) and shared what we were grateful for. I shared that I was grateful for eternal families because family is my number one priority. I also said that I was grateful I can be with my family for eternity and that even though my great grandmother passed away last week, I was comforted to know that I can see her again.

After eating (the food was magnificent--I wish I had pictures), we settled back in the office. The King Henry owner's wife was so sweet--she complimented my outfit and what I said at the table. That put me in a really good mood. I asked my wonderful manager about getting next Wednesday off so we could head to Boise early (she said I could!!!!!!!!!!) and in addition, I got informed that I was receiving a raise! YES. It was so exciting. I almost died waiting until after Spanish to tell Dalin but I had really wanted to tell him in person. 

Overall, it was a wonderful day. And I am grateful for those random days that mean so much! 

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