Wednesday, April 15

Dreaming of the Salty Sea

I don't know how a person could grow up less than an hour from the ocean and ever want to leave. If that person is out there, it isn't me. I can't wait for the day that we move close to the ocean so I can go to the beach every day with D and the babes. 

I miss the soft gray sand of the New England beaches and the smooth black rocks and sifting for sea glass and scrounging the ocean floor for sand dollars and starfish. I miss bringing my watercolors and walking barefoot everywhere. I miss the smell of the air and the salt making my hair curl. I miss it all. 

I guess I'm just a tiny bit homesick and hoping the Pacific Ocean next week will temporarily fill that hole for me. I'm also trying to be patient (which is not a strong point for me) because Dalin and I both feel that our children will have the opportunity to grow up not far from the ocean someday. Until then, I will just keep dreaming and our reunion will be that much sweeter. 

Anyone else dying for the beach? I miss it so much. It's been way too long for this beach bum.

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