Friday, October 7

Oh, the places we'll go!

did i catch your attention? well i hope so. 

i have decided that it is my intention to share with you, our dreams. dalin's and mine. while we certainly have them, we are fairly realistic (not that i want to be >:[ ) and i don't necessarily expect to be making these trips anytime soon...or in this life...but we can hope! 

anyway, the point is this: dalin and i want to see some places in this world. so here they are and here's why.

#10) EGyPt. <click here to see pictures!
obviously the pyramids and sphinx and whatnot are things most people are dying to see. i think it would be a tad scary to actually go into a tomb, primarily because i would worry about it becoming my own tomb. but apart from that, egypt seems like an interesting place. did you know that egypt has the greatest population of arabs in the whole world? well it does. plus it has the nile river which i would like to see some small piece of. just don't drink the water...from the river of course, or anywhere else for that matter.

#9) INdia.  <pictures!
the birthplace of buddhism! according to my high school soccer coach, the people are not necessarily the most polite out there...i will certainly be wary of people spitting on me or worse. but thanks to indiana jones and the jungle book, i want to go to india for the sheer beauty of the jungles and maybe for a detour to the taj mahal.

#8) PaRis. <pics...
strictly for the eiffel tower, the seine river, the louvre, notre dame, and maybe versailles.

#7) BaRceLoNa. <fotos
i would love to take a stroll down la rambla and shop and practice my spanish skills. also, i love spanish history and would like to experience it first-hand. 

#6) CoPenHAgEn. <pix
it just looks beautiful and they say the happiest place to live in the world is denmark and so i am slightly curious about what it is like there. check out the pictures...

#5) Jolly Old EnGlanD. <photography...
home of "the fab four"/"the mop tops"...aka the beatles. i definitely would like to visit london and look for platform 9 3/4 and diagon alley of course. among other things, i want to see big ben and several other lovely things. plus it's fun to practice english accents and vernacular.

#4) Peru. <más fotos
i would like to see machu picchu and follow the inca trail. although this is unrelated, south america makes me think of el dorado which, apart from being a good movie, would be a sweet place to travel to. also it'd feel so adventurous i think. i want to see the amazon river...maybe from a distance, but still. 

#3) StocKHolm SwEdeN. <you guessed here!
my cousins are from sweden and i just wanna see it. 

#2) NicaRagua. <if you wanna see some Nicaragua...
my former roommate at BYU-I is serving a nursing mission there and it looks incredibly fantastic. i want to see that part of the world and speak spanish and help the people there. 

and above all, ahead of everywhere else on our list...

#1) IReLaND & ScOtLanD. <see the
i wonder if an explanation is even necessary, it seems so obvious to me. since i have seen the movie leap year (and also coming from irish and scottish descent), i have wanted to explore my heritage and witness the beauty of the irish landscape and scottish castles more than ever. in particular, i want to see where harry potter was filmed. but that would just be a bonus. ;) anyway, the views are stunning and i want to experience the romanticism of irish spring rains. and maybe feel like i'm a small part of that land like my ascendents. 

as a side note, i do want to see each u.s. state and canada...but those don't count as cool so that is why they are located in this afterthought. 

Thursday, October 6


so here i am, applying for a billion jobs when i finally get a few more interviews.
tuesday, after helping Payson to move into his new apartment by UVU, i received a couple of calls within a few hours...first from Michael's craft store............i got the job!!!!!!!!! i am a part-time floor associate and meet on monday at noon!!!!!! so after celebrating and calling my parents to brag, i also heard from Dillard's! my interview had gone well and the assistant manager wanted me to "do some paperwork" around 1pm on thursday!!!!! so i guess the only question is...does "do some paperwork" mean "you have a job"? my hopes and belief is yes. but i guess we will see today! so then i pick up Dalin from his preview to dentistry class and get informed that i have an interview with Bishop Schroeder in a short while! i hurriedly changed into church clothes once i got back to the apartment then Dalin and i walked to the chapel and what do you know, i got a calling :) technically i can't say it yet, but after sunday i'll mention it.

what a day.
two jobs and a church calling.
now my worry am i going to balance it all?? ;)