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Welcome to our blog!

If you know us, then you probably already know everything in this little intro already, but in case you don't know us yet, here is a little bit about how we met and who we are:

We were introduced by a mutual friend in early April 2011 while Olivia was attending BYU-Idaho...just one month after Dalin had returned from serving an LDS mission in San Diego. The first time we spoke was through Facebook thanks to our friend Marisa. Weird, I know. Here's that story

After dating for just two short months, (much of which was long distance since Olivia was in Rexburg and Dalin was in Provo) we knew we wanted to be together forever.

Dalin proposed in Provo Canyon on May 28th, 2011 after calling and asking Olivia's father in New Hampshire for his permission. They both said yes!

We set the date for August 19, 2011. It was a long 3 months for us. We were sealed for time and all eternity on August 19, 2011 in the Boston LDS Temple. We believe that families are forever.

Tenley ReNae Gunnell was born on August 12, 2013! (Read more details here). She is a beautiful, calm, wonderfully happy baby and we are more in love with her than we ever imagined! We are so blessed to have her in our family!

We are thrilled to share that our son, Declan Brent Gunnell joined our family on January 30, 2015. He is quite advanced as he follows His big sister Tenley is 18 months older than him. We hope the two will be best friends:)

A few more things about us:

Dalin is from Caldwell, Idaho and enjoys reading, football, baseball, tennis, golfing, being outside, Fantasy Sports, and being with the little dear (a.k.a. me ;) and the even littler dear (Tenley), and now our new little man (Declan). 

He received his bachelor's in psychology from Brigham Young University. He works full time with a group of teenage boys at a residential treatment center and loves it. He is currently looking for opportunities in a similar field back east.

Olivia is from Gilford, New Hampshire. She enjoys reading, writing, painting, crafts, camping, fishing, nature, the ocean, tennis, BEING A WIFE & MOM!, and spending as much time as possible with her cutie husband and little girl and boy.

Olivia has a bachelor's degree in English from Brigham Young University. She graduated from BYU in August 2015 and is excited to take a break and enjoy her little family as a stay-at-home mom. 

Our goals include having (hopefully) lots of children, working hard for our family, serving each other and others, traveling as a family, and becoming the very best we can be.

We are both anxious to move on to the next stage in our lives. We can't wait to learn where we will end up together!

We love the Lord, our life, and each other.
Welcome to our little blog! :)

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We hope you will follow along & stay a while! ;)


  1. I just wanted to say Hi! I found your blog via Pinterest. I'm also married and am a junior in college with a 2 year old :)

  2. I just wanted to say hi! I am also a young wife and mother in college :) I found your blog via pinterest.

    1. Hello Brooke! So glad you stopped by! I hope you decide to keep reading! Feel free to give me suggestions on post ideas or altering my blog! :)

  3. Hey Olivia,
    I just returned to the blogging world after a looooong time of not blogging. I just missed it lots. I saw you had followed my blog a long time ago, and so I came on over. ;) I love how you mentioned how you would think every thing has already been said or sung etc. You would think huh? But alas, God created a million bazillion people and we all have our own stories to be told. Its truly beautiful. Anyways, I love this. I love that it's updated, and you and your little family are just so cute. Looking forward to keeping up with ya!

  4. I know I've commented on 2 other things in the past couple hours, but I just wanted to say finding your blog and reading it has been a serious joy. I have already recommended it to a couple other friends, and at least one has already come back to me saying she loves it too.
    You're so real, and the way you try to turn everything into a positive is absolutely astounding to me. It has been an inspiration. Thank you for being brave enough to put yourself out there.

    1. Hey Courtney! Thank you so much for your nice thoughts! It's comments like yours that motivate me to keep blogging. I've slacked off lately, but I am going to try and get back in the habit as much as I can. Thank you so much for motivating me! And I liked your other comments as well;)

  5. Love reading your blog! I found it via a pin on Pinterest. I'm a SAHM, too, and we have kids almost the same age - my twin girls were born in June 2013 :) Would love for you to check out my blog @ www.lovelifeandtwins.blogspot.com.

  6. None of the photos are visible :( I don't know if you know that

    1. Thank you, Lynna! Is it fixed now? For some reason the dang photos expire after a while even though they're from my photo album...

  7. Yep they're visible! And the photos are gorgeous!


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