Sunday, March 18

eleven cosas

eleven things about olivia & dalin

1. I love learning to make things! Whether it is sewing, knitting, painting, carving, folding, gluing, making collages, cooking, baking, etc., I just love being able to do these things myself. Particularly things that I can display or use within my home. Maybe I should note that I am barely proficient at sewing and at knitting (among other things) for now, but I intend to master these when I'm a stay-at-home mom and--presumably--have the time.

1. Dalin declared that he likes science more than he used to. He said it's because he has to take so many lame science classes and he is starting to like learning about biology stuff and how things work. Pretty lucky since he is studying to become a dentist ;)

2. I love camping, fishing, kayaking, canoing, the woods, and stuff like that so much that I sometimes wish I lived in an obscure cabin in Alaska or Vermont or some place where we could just live off the land. The only trouble with this scenario that I can see, is that I would only enjoy it if I had a nice warm shower and working toilet. I think those would have to be deal-breakers.

2. Dalin wants to be a dentist because he thinks that teeth are interesting and he likes smiley little kids. He also wants to have a business that can be successful and make enough money so that we can have a big family.

3. I just think beagles and dachshunds are the cutest dogs there are. Dachshunds because my parents have one named Butterscotch (Buddy), and beagles because of Snoopy. I love that dog!
3. Dalin wants to get a husky someday. He likes them because "they have nice fur, they're nice, and they look like wolves." Haha, that's what he said.

4. After seeing all of the darling little girls that many of the couples in my ward have, I am starting to think I would not mind having daughters so much...some of those baby girls are so precious. So now I am not sure what family dynamics I would like. I suppose I'll be happy with whatever I get :)

4. Dalin is baby crazy. He loves little babies, especially with chubby cheeks. He cannot wait to be a daddy, and frankly, I can't wait to be a mom! :)

5. My dream car is an aqua convertible. This wish came from the time my mom and I rented a white one in Florida. I also would like one of those really nice trucks that has four doors. Like the one my father-in-law has :) 

5. Dalin's dream car is a green lamborghini gallardo. It's my brother Donovan's favorite, too.

6. Dalin and I will have known each other for a year on April 3rd. That is so strange to me because I sincerely feel like we've been best friends forever. 

6. Dalin's favorite book is Harry Potter. More than me, he says. Lie.

7. I LOVE roller coasters. Sooooo much. I love the adrenaline rush and I love the speed and I love everyone else thinking they're going to die. They don't scare me that much. 

7. Dalin would like to be a dentist someday...but he still has forever left in school...he already said this, but apparently it is imperative. He also enjoys playing tennis and golf. :)

8. Dalin and I are exactly the same. I swear. We disagree a lot, but it's more in a kidding way than anything. He says the exact phrasing of what I am thinking at least three times every day. I always regret not having said it first to prove that it really was what I was thinking.

8. Olivia is hott........(me: :] he is cute)

9. If I could be any animal, I would be a fox or a wolf. Mostly because they are fast and can be tamed and live in groups. I would not like being alone.

9. Dalin would be a rhinoceros because they're big and fast and strong. :]

10. I always had this feeling I would marry a tall man with dark hair, blue eyes, and lives in the west. I really did. And my parents always knew I would marry a dentist...weird.

10. Dalin is legally blind. His prescription is -8.00. He and I both want laser eye surgery. Soon.

11. I am on my 26th journal. Yup. I haven't missed a day (technically) since I was 13. Seven years of teenage drama. I have to admit the only portion of any worth has occurred within the last year...hint hint ;)

11. His top choices for our future children's names, include: Devon, Cove, Carter, and a lot of other black basketball player names. I cannot tell you our top picks though...there's the risk they might get stolen.

Blogger's questions:

1.  What are three words you would use to describe yourself?
me: silly, kind, impatient.

dalin: on everything...humble.
jk, those were mine. his would be honest, hardworking, and thoughtful. i could not agree more ;)

2.  What is one piece of advice you would give to other ladies or guys your age?
don't get divorced for no reason! you can't give up so easily! if you're going to get divorced after a freaking year--or even after ten for that matter--don't bother getting married. huge pet peeve. marriage is important.

dalin's would be go on a mission.

3.  What is your favorite beauty product?
haha, if i could only pick one thing, (besides chapstick) i'd have to take mascara. my eyelashes are short and straight. i love anything from clinique.

ha, dalin says his clearasil. his "make-up."

4.  What is one food that you cannot stand?
i cannot stand whoppers, chocolate-covered raisins, or tootsie rolls.
p.s. these are dalin's favorite candies.

dalin cannot stand soda. which is a lie since he drinks Inca Kola which has a ton of caffeine. but he really doesn't drink much soda.

5. Where would your dream vacation be?
my dream vacation...probably ireland or scotland. i have wanted to go to those places foreverrrr. my great great grandmother is directly from ireland and i just really want to see it.

dalin's dream vacation is a cruise to the bahamas. he only says that because we watched Into the Blue last night. heehee. he also said "or jamaica. or mostly italy." hmm.

6.  Who is your biggest celebrity crush?
well my husband beats them both...but i have two. joseph gordon-levitt (arthur from inception) and josh charles (knox in dead poets society). i think that their characters are very polite, sensitive, and brave. and they both exhibit high, well-mannered decorum. technically i only like their characters though...because otherwise i know nothing about joseph or josh.
Joseph Gorden-Levitt (Arthur in Inception
Josh Charles (Knox Overstreet from Dead Poets Society)
And the studliest of all....Dalin Brent Gunnell (my cutie husband)

I can't even talk about Dalin's man crush...I'll just show you:
Yes. His is Eugene Fitzherbert. I'll admit he is funny and handsome and nice at the end of Tangled...but that's it.

7.  Who is your celebrity lady crush?
well, if i had to pick, i would probably say blake lively. not only because i love her name, but her hair and skin are so gorgeous. amanda seyfried is also gorgeous and her singing voice is so beautiful. loved her in mamma mia and in letters to juliet.
Blake Lively. She is so cute and her hair is pretty.
Amanda Seyfried. Dalin disagrees with me...but I think she is very pretty.
dalin says I am his celebrity lady crush :) (he had to say that). but in reality he would say jessica alba. barf. 

Jessica Alba. She is really pretty, so I take back the barf from before.

8.  What is your favorite milkshake?
i love frappes (same thing?) and always eat my ice cream in milk anyway...but i love chocolate almond and mint chocolate chip best. i like basically every flavor though. 

dalin loves mint chocolate. he likes DQ blizzards better though apparently. 

9.  What is your favorite blog link-up?
well, the only ones i actually read are my friends' megan wernig and elisabeth gringeri. so theirs.

dalin doesn't know any. so ours. 

10.  If you could have a super power what would it be and why?
i used to want to fly more than anything, but thinking about it more carefully, i'd rather be able to apparate. then i would not have to drive to work, i could go to ireland and scotland and all the other places i want to, and i could apparate into the sky...which isn't the same as flying but that's a sacrifice i'd be willing to make. 

dalin would want to be invisible. he said then you could sneak on whatever jet you want. obviously my way is more honest...just kidding, but seriously. 

11.  What is one thing that you wish that you could buy for yourself? 
a home in portsmouth, new hampshire. near the ocean. for my husband and our future children. 

dalin would buy "probably a house in idaho to live in." (me: hahhahahhahaa.) he read my answer first.