Thursday, September 27

Pinterest Pages I Must NOT Forget About

This pinterest page is all about fun art projects and activities to do with kids of all ages. LOVE the ideas here! I want to do them all now!

Pretty things to try!

Yes, I'm married, which gives me even more of a reason to LOVE weddings! Here is a very sweet and happy blog with wedding ideas some of which I would love to use for a friend or daughter!

Cute engagements pics! And cute ideas for regular couples pictures!

Craft ideas...I'll take those...

Oh so cute ideas!

Which are your favorites?? 
Or do you, like me, love them all? <3 

Friday, September 21

My Obsession...I admit it.

Oh Pinterest, I don't even have one of you yet, but already I am addicted. I knew just the place to go as I searched for sweet baby pictures. At first, I attempted to find ones that have a little bit of Dalin or a little bit of me in them so that I could imagine our future children. Then of course I got carried away and well, here is the result...
I think that I sort of looked like this as a baby. Blue eyes and round face.
My eyes were a bit darker and grayer. 
Cute little chompers :)
Love silly tongue pictures!
What an adorable face
This nose reminds me a little of Dalin :)
Oh, how I love brothers!
Such a gorgeous little thing
Greatest smile!
Love laughing babies
A cute little pair of teeth!
Little one thinks something is so, so hilarious 
Cutie pie--I love tiny babies
Precious round face
How the heck am I supposed to resist these little faces????

Wednesday, September 19

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways

Thank you, Elizabeth Barrett Browning for writing this sonnet. Thank you, because I am going to use your inspiration to share the ways which I myself love my husband of one year and one month.

"I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach[!]...I love thee with the breath, smiles, tears, of all my life!--and, if God choose, I shall but love thee better after death."

Dalin, I love you. 
I love...

that you sacrifice sleeping in to come to my early classes with me
the way you kiss me tenderly and savoringly 
when you twist my hair around your fingers
when you stroke my arms and back because you know I love it
how strong you are--mentally, spiritually, and physically
when your shirt is off
your adorable haircut
your innocent and sincere smile
when we say things at the same time and in the same tone
when I know exactly what you are going to say and beat you to it
when we start laughing at the same time
that we are so alike in many ways
that you are so much more patient than I am
that you speak Spanish fluently
that you want lots of children
that you are so motivated in your pursuit to be a dentist
that you love your family and are so dedicated to them
how you are always so kind to your sisters
that you get along so well with my brothers
that you come to work with me when I need you
that you are frugal and cautious with money
how patient you are with me
how you sing hymns and happy tunes all the time
our secret whistle for finding each other in crowds
when you use our secret sign language to tell me you love me most of all
how you give me massages when I am feeling stressed or sad
knowing that our children will be little replicas of their dad
imagining our life once we have finished school
that you are true to what you stand for
that you always buckle up
you for always obeying the law
the example you set for me
that we are so down to earth and real as a couple
how you kiss my forehead after our nighttime couple's prayer
that you are so supportive of my desire to teach our children Spanish
when we hold hands while we sleep
when I can crawl on the couch with you while you rest there
that you defend me
the way we run to church holding hands when we're late
when you do the dishes for me after I toiled over a meal
that you surprise me with wonderful gifts...even though I hate surprises
when you hug me for a long time and don't say anything
our fake kisses
how you call me "little dear"
when you write notes to me and leave them somewhere I'll find them
that you love my art
how you are so sports-savvy 
when you wear's hott
when you send me a text that i can lock on my phone
being with you--all the time
when we make up after an argument
when you wipe my tears away
when you rest your head on mine at church
when you tell me you like my prayers
when we rub our noses and smile
when you put up with me
when you tell me I'm the best cook ever
that you're really good at teaching the gospel (hence why you're Sunday School President)
the way you messily paint my toes, trying your best
that you love to read--so much that you sometimes hog the kindle fire...
that you are extremely talented at picking our gifts I will like from Good Morning America
when we daydream about the things we want to do someday
when you bring me to the temple
how you always call me tiny and small
watching you with babies and little children
the way you are my very best friend--no matter what
that we found each other in this life
most of all, that we are sealed to one another for all eternity

i <3 you

Tuesday, September 11

Essays . . . are easy.

I truly, sincerely, honestly enjoy writing essays. But I am not sure why--it even sounds boring.

Maybe it is because I enjoy expressing my personal thoughts, whims, and analysis in an educated and formal style that makes me feel eloquent and clever. 

Or maybe it is because I enjoy writing (period) but have yet to be able to finish a novel or story idea. 

Essays are much more manageable as they frequently are given limits. 

Books have no limit.

Someday I will write a book. Just like I told my AP Literature class as we named our future aspirations. Only we'll see what sort of book it is. Perhaps when I'm an old woman with time slipping away, I'll become desperate and cheat and write a cookbook. 

Or maybe I'll write the next Harry Potter or Hunger Games series.....

These are my thoughts for today. 

Well, time to go write a paper. 

Monday, September 10


I like the rain. I like being sun-kissed, but I like being in the shade more. I like deciduous trees. I like them in the spring as they are just beginning to sprout bright green leaves and bloom, and I like them in the fall when every single leaf is tye-dyed coral, tangerine, and marigold. I like tall, skinny boys--one in particular. ;) I like the color aqua. I like getting flowers for no reason at all. 
I like People Water. I like #TeamJem (Jef & Emily). I like blue cotton candy. I love roller coasters. I like getting handmade handouts at Church. I like little blonde children. I like long hair. I like BYU-Idaho. I like scrapbooks and the history in them. I like artsy hand-crafted jewelery. I like dried flowers, and pressed ones. I like the sound of stepping on autumn leaves. I like colored glass bottles. I like antiques (tables, chairs, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, broaches, rings, pictures, books, etc.). I like yard sales--"one man's trash..." I like action movies with an underlying romantic theme. I like salted almonds. 
I like the smell of a campfire. I like turquoise. I like wearing boots in the fall. I like the smell of real leather. I like the sound of birds when I wake up. I like the chirping of crickets. I like when church is not at 8am. I like paper lanterns. I like the rubbery feeling of spatulas. I like licking spatulas covered in batter. I like painting things I like. I like anything that reminds me of the ocean. I like humidity and how it makes my hair curl. I like signs with positive messages. 
I like seeing my full name in cursive--Olivia O’Rissa Searle Gunnell.
I like Pride & Prejudice...and Sense & Sensibility...and imagining I live in that time period. I like potted plants and how they bring life into a room. If I had to pick between the two, I'd be Team Jacob. I like the secret whistle Dalin and I use when we can't find each other in a store, or when we want to get the other one's attention, or to let the other one know we're home and at the bottom of the stairs. I like old keys. They remind me of the Secret Garden. I like how I feel like royalty when I'm in the temple. 
I like being a Latter-day Saint. I like the idea of yoga. I like Bohemian prints. I like Persian rugs. I like things made out of wood. I like the ticking of old clocks and of watches. I like dachshunds--especially ours. I like paying in cash. I wish all coins were as thin as dimes. I like when make-up looks natural. I like the Sound of Music. I like singing when I'm not with anyone so I can try to sing well. I like knowing every word to a song. I like pomegranates. I like Christmas stockings more than presents. I like Christmas romances. I like the movies that play on the Hallmark channel. I like the taste and texture of kale chips. 
I like mustard colored fabrics and leather. I like candy apples more than caramel apples. I like Tinker Bell. I like my birthstone, peridot. I like the smell of new cars and new tennis balls. I like shoes that look brand new. I like to sit with a soft blanket around me when I'm on the couch. I like non-scented lotion and deodorant, but I like the smell of shampoo. I like the smell of sunscreen and ocean water on my skin. I like when things work like they're supposed to. I like being either Yoshi or Toad when I play Mario Kart. I like wicker baskets. I like cream cheese on celery. I like star-gazing with my Grandpa and listening to him teach me about the constellations.
I like when everything is washed, cleaned, and put away. I like having nothing to do. I like reading--a lot. I like watching movies and seeing things in an entirely new light. I like seeing old friends. I kind of like shopping now. I like seafood...and I love lobster and steamers. I like cute outfits. I like how pregnant ladies look. I like sincere smiles. I love kisses from my husband. I like when people enjoy my artwork. I liked the time I saw the Northern Lights. I like the smell of apples. I like my house. I miss my family. I like how my parents raised me. I would like to be a book editor one day. This is because: a) I am good at editing, b) I love reading and I'll be able to all day with such a career, and c) I can work from home and be a stay-at-home mom like I've always wanted to be. I like the idea of being a mom and having lots of cute kids that look like their daddy. I like my sweet husband...a lot. I like being happy

Being with Dalin makes me happy above all.

Saturday, September 8

Birthday Gifts

Dalin gives the best gifts. 
Seriously, I am not sure where he acquired this skill never having had a wife before, but he always knows what I'll like.
For my twenty-first birthday, he had my gifts sent to New Hampshire so that I could open them on the actual day (August 9th) which was really clever of him. But a few were very late, including one which I received just today!

Check. It. Out.

My nerdy self, but the point is, the sky blue jeggings from Böhme are definitely tasteful
The other teal blue jeggings he bought for me from A√©ropostale
The adorable teal sandals he got after seeing them on Good Morning America

Love this turquoise bracelet. I wear it all the time

This super fly watch has a really comfy rubbery band. Dalin saw it advertised on Good Morning America, too.
He chose the colors for the band and the watch face. Also it's waterproof which is just cool.
Clearly Dalin has an eye for cute things. As you can probably tell in the first couple of pictures, I wear the bracelet and shoes quite frequently.

Can you guess what my favorite color is? ;)

Apparently I have one more birthday gift coming in two weeks. I literally have no idea what is (though I am beginning to speculate...) but am so excited. Dalin is, too. I can tell because every twenty minutes he asks me, "Do you want to know what your gift is?" Then I of course say: "Yes!" and he replies, "Not telling!" Hmph. Well I can be patient...right??