Wednesday, September 19

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways

Thank you, Elizabeth Barrett Browning for writing this sonnet. Thank you, because I am going to use your inspiration to share the ways which I myself love my husband of one year and one month.

"I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach[!]...I love thee with the breath, smiles, tears, of all my life!--and, if God choose, I shall but love thee better after death."

Dalin, I love you. 
I love...

that you sacrifice sleeping in to come to my early classes with me
the way you kiss me tenderly and savoringly 
when you twist my hair around your fingers
when you stroke my arms and back because you know I love it
how strong you are--mentally, spiritually, and physically
when your shirt is off
your adorable haircut
your innocent and sincere smile
when we say things at the same time and in the same tone
when I know exactly what you are going to say and beat you to it
when we start laughing at the same time
that we are so alike in many ways
that you are so much more patient than I am
that you speak Spanish fluently
that you want lots of children
that you are so motivated in your pursuit to be a dentist
that you love your family and are so dedicated to them
how you are always so kind to your sisters
that you get along so well with my brothers
that you come to work with me when I need you
that you are frugal and cautious with money
how patient you are with me
how you sing hymns and happy tunes all the time
our secret whistle for finding each other in crowds
when you use our secret sign language to tell me you love me most of all
how you give me massages when I am feeling stressed or sad
knowing that our children will be little replicas of their dad
imagining our life once we have finished school
that you are true to what you stand for
that you always buckle up
you for always obeying the law
the example you set for me
that we are so down to earth and real as a couple
how you kiss my forehead after our nighttime couple's prayer
that you are so supportive of my desire to teach our children Spanish
when we hold hands while we sleep
when I can crawl on the couch with you while you rest there
that you defend me
the way we run to church holding hands when we're late
when you do the dishes for me after I toiled over a meal
that you surprise me with wonderful gifts...even though I hate surprises
when you hug me for a long time and don't say anything
our fake kisses
how you call me "little dear"
when you write notes to me and leave them somewhere I'll find them
that you love my art
how you are so sports-savvy 
when you wear's hott
when you send me a text that i can lock on my phone
being with you--all the time
when we make up after an argument
when you wipe my tears away
when you rest your head on mine at church
when you tell me you like my prayers
when we rub our noses and smile
when you put up with me
when you tell me I'm the best cook ever
that you're really good at teaching the gospel (hence why you're Sunday School President)
the way you messily paint my toes, trying your best
that you love to read--so much that you sometimes hog the kindle fire...
that you are extremely talented at picking our gifts I will like from Good Morning America
when we daydream about the things we want to do someday
when you bring me to the temple
how you always call me tiny and small
watching you with babies and little children
the way you are my very best friend--no matter what
that we found each other in this life
most of all, that we are sealed to one another for all eternity

i <3 you

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