Tuesday, September 11

Essays . . . are easy.

I truly, sincerely, honestly enjoy writing essays. But I am not sure why--it even sounds boring.

Maybe it is because I enjoy expressing my personal thoughts, whims, and analysis in an educated and formal style that makes me feel eloquent and clever. 

Or maybe it is because I enjoy writing (period) but have yet to be able to finish a novel or story idea. 

Essays are much more manageable as they frequently are given limits. 

Books have no limit.

Someday I will write a book. Just like I told my AP Literature class as we named our future aspirations. Only we'll see what sort of book it is. Perhaps when I'm an old woman with time slipping away, I'll become desperate and cheat and write a cookbook. 

Or maybe I'll write the next Harry Potter or Hunger Games series.....

These are my thoughts for today. 

Well, time to go write a paper. 

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