I love crafting and DIY. Even though I don't have ample amount of time or resources to start all the projects I dream of doing someday, I still make time for being crafty when I can. It makes me happy:)

It is my hope that one day this page will be filled with lists of cool and fun projects that I've completed. 
If you also love to craft or if you have a fun idea for me (or any questions about a project), please comment below!


Chair Up-Cycle. Giving old chairs a fresh new look!

Plastic Bag Dispenser & Magnetic Fridge Cups. Simple projects to make your life easier!

Ocean Stone Mat. Do something with all those rocks you've collected!

Scrabble Square Pillows. As seen on Pinterest!

Baby Shower Party Favors. Cute, simple, and cheap!

Fun Gifts For My Delivery Nurses. Killing time during the last weeks of pregnancy.

The Results of Our Pottery Date. Showing off our fun mug and bowl pottery pieces.

Pinterest Pages I Must Not Forget About. Fun craft ideas and other fun things!

Homemade Hummingbird Feeder, How to Make One! Make your own hummingbird feeder with simple materials from home.

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