Saturday, September 14

Baby Shower Party Favors

A few weeks ago (or was it a few months...I've seriously lost track of time since Tenley was born!) my wonderful visiting teaching companion hosted a baby shower for one of the cute girls we visit teach. Our friend is having a baby boy in late September. I wanted to contribute by bringing some kind of treat so I decided to do chocolate-covered strawberries and party favors. It was very fun to do, and also kept me distracted and busy while I was waiting for our baby girl to arrive. I got everything at the Dollar Store, too, so it was super cheap! 

Here are the pieces I included:
 I bought 8 polka dot containers, 8 candy bracelets, a bag of jolly ranchers, a bag of hershey's, and a bag of blow pops, a package of hair elastics, and an 8-pack of bubbles. The little tag on the bubbles I tied on myself with twine after punching them out on scrapbook paper.
I have to say, the final result was much cuter in person! 

The chocolate covered strawberries were a piece of cake. My mom microwaved some hershey's chocolate chips and then dipped in fresh (washed) strawberries. She then sprinkled them with a variety of sprinkles (I have a LOT of types...) and placed them in the fridge to harden before I brought them to the shower. 

 Super easy and really delicious. Everyone loved them!

What do you think of my party favors?

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