Sunday, September 8

Hello again.

Hello friends that read my blog!

I hope you all knew that I did not get kidnapped or die, I've just been a little (or a lot) busy adjusting to life as a new mom! Can I just start by telling you that it has been glorious. I love everything about it so far. On Facebook, I've posted a zillion pictures of our precious girl already and everyone just adores her...almost as much as Dalin and I do. I have a ton to catch up with on here, but now that I am a full-time mommy and part-time student (who is a huge slacker by the way), I should optimistically have a little bit of time to do that. I would love to introduce you to our daughter, but I already have a separate post all about her. So if you enjoy reading/stalking my life (I'm just teasing about the stalking part...kind of), definitely "tune in" more often...I promise I will have several interesting things for you to read over the next several days!

And, like Rapunzel, when I promise something, I never ever break that promise. So hold me to it! 

Much love!

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