Saturday, September 14

The AMAZING Quilts My Mother Made

My mom is extremely talented at a lot of things. Apparently sewing is among those many talents. She would deny this, but the evidence speaks for itself.

While I was in my last couple months of pregnancy, my mom and I spent a lot of time on the phone, searching the internet together, looking for fun fabrics to incorporate into two special quilts. The first one was for her very first granddaughter, Tenley, and the second, was for her oldest and only daughter--me--who begged her to make one for Dalin and me, too.

For whatever reason, I really love patriotic colors. Maybe it's because being from the east, I have a strong interest in American heritage and values. I just love what this country stands for. Anyway, when my mom and I were discussing ideas for our quilt, it became obvious that I wanted to incorporate the ocean and ocean-themed things, and I wanted it to be kind of manly so Dalin would like it. After weeks of ordering fabrics and a long week of sewing for my mom, it was finished! And my mom brought it out to Utah with her for my birthday present! Here is the final result:
Notice the many elements? I love this thing so much. My mom used a denim comforter--formerly used for my bed when I lived at home--for the backing of the quilt. In the quilt itself, we have beach houses, lighthouses, crabs, lobsters (of course;), anchors, starfish, baseballs (for Dalin), bunting banners, patriotic stars and stripes, hearts, and more. 

She also included a fabric I found at JoAnn's with various American states on it. The best part (I thought) about that fabric was that Idaho and New Hampshire were printed almost next to each other, so she was able to get several patches of both states on there! Our two home states. My mom also included patches from old clothes. The plaid ones are from my old favorite pair of pajamas. The denim patches are from pairs of old jeans, including ones from my mom, my dad, Donovan, Payson, Dalin, and my old overalls (which used to be the only thing I wore in elementary school). So it has pieces of all of us in it, which makes it really special. 

My mom also heeded my request that somewhere on it, she incorporate something representing Boston or the Red Sox. As you can see, she did that! She also put lots of denim pocket patches on the quilt so we can stick things in them, like little love notes to each other. And so Dalin can keep his chapstick nearby...haha.
Oh, and one other thing about the quilt. She made it so it can double as a picnic blanket! As you can see, we have already used it for that (on our anniversary picnic lunch). 

The quilt my mom made for Tenley = gorgeous. The colors are bright and pretty, but not so girly that I couldn't use it for other children.
Possible pattern...
Finished product!
Tenley under the quilt Nana Searle made her :) On our quilt...
Everyone who has seen them, loves the quilts. My Nana, Aunt Pam, Donovan, and many other people have complimented my mom on our quilt especially, and have asked her to make them one! It was a very time-consuming project for her, but I am grateful she finished it and gave it to us (and that she didn't keep it for herself because I know after all the work she kind of wanted to and who can blame her? ;). 
Looking pretty happy :)
Isn't my mother so talented?
Which quilt is your favorite? 

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