Friday, September 20

My Amazing Photographer Friend ~ Samantha Rizzo

Since moving to Wymount more than two years ago, Dalin and I have been blessed to know a wonderful woman in my ward who has been my visiting teacher two separate times and always a great friend and neighbor. She has taken couples/family photos for Dalin and me on two separate occasions and we have loved getting to know her. Her name is Samantha Rizzo and she is an excellent photographer, local to Provo. She has been building her photography business the last several months in particular and I highly suggest using her talent. She is super friendly and makes sure you look good (I am pretty picky about how I look in pictures but Samantha is awesome--fixing my hair and making sure my arms weren't in some weird place, etc.)

If you want to check her out for any event (she does all sorts), I would look up her website which is really cool. Plus it will give you an idea of her photography style! You can check her website out by clicking here. And you can like her Facebook page (and see more great pics) here.

Here are some of the photos Samantha has taken of us!

Isn't she just awesome? I love them all and many more which you can view on her website or in my Facebook album "Tenley ReNae Gunnell."

If you need a photographer, I know who to point you to!

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