Wednesday, October 23

DIY Plastic Bag Dispenser & Fridge Cups

Plastic Bag Dispenser
I'm always needing a trash bag while in the car--whether it's for wrappers, receipts, fast food, dirty diapers...etc.--and so I wondered how I could put all those billions of plastic grocery bags that we always have around to use. That is when I saw this awesome tutorial on Pinterest for folding plastic bags so that they come out like wipes from a dispenser.

So I saved a disinfecting wipes container, got out my scrapbook paper and mod-podge, and after cutting the scrapbook paper to the right size and removing the container's label, I painted the mod-podge all over the container and then on the paper to stick it down. It was a little bit messy (mainly for my fingers), but I liked the final result a lot!

Shortly after this project, I brought the re-purposed container down to our car and inserted the rolled up plastic shopping bags (which I rolled ages ago--before I even had a container ready) and it was perfect! I was so happy with how it turned out! My one complaint is perhaps that I wish I had chosen a smaller (thinner) container so that it would fit in one of our eight cup holders, but it still works wonderfully! Now I always have trash bags ready for whatever stinky or sticky thing might be in our car.

What do you think of this idea? How could it be better?

Fridge Cups
I was sick and tired of wasting plastic cups for one sip of juice. Especially since I'm at home now, I feel like I should be finding the time to do dishes. So I loved the idea of a convenient (labeled) cup for the fridge that can be easily accessed and easily rinsed. We had some very cheap plastic cups from Wal-Mart around so I bought some strong magnets in the craft section (it came with like 50) and hot glued them to the cups and then used a black Sharpie to write our names in fun fonts on them. Here's how they turned out!

I have loved them so far but the one thing I wish I could improve is that the marker is gradually rubbing off. Any suggestions on how to keep it looking nice? I've thought of a few things, but none would be washing friendly.

Tell me what you think of these crafts ideas and let me know if you think of ways that they could be improved! 


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