Thursday, October 10

2 Months Old!

As I've shared before (many times already), I love motherhood. I laugh every day at my sweetest daughter, and I've lost track of her now frequent smiles and adorable talking--she talks a lot now (like her mom, ha ha). She is absolutely perfect (all babies are :) and I have been so blessed with how calm and mild-mannered she is. Tenley will be two months old on Saturday, the 12th. She still wakes up only once a night, but despite this--much to my dismay--I'm now constantly exhausted. My tiredness has caught up with me. I will note that this is likely in part due to poor choices on Dalin's and my part, like staying up until past 1AM watching episodes of 24 (which we had been so good about not doing until now...). Sigh. We need to start being responsible parents and following the advice in the book "On Becoming BabyWise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep" which Dr. Randall Pace gave to us when Tenley was born. I tried...for a establish a feeding schedule, but it is harder than you would think to stay on track! Well, it was easy for one day. Anyway, I've been kind of an "on-demand" feeder for the most part but that isn't always convenient (though fortunately Tenley is quite patient when we're out of the house). Anyway, I can't complain--she's a pretty great baby! (All babies are great though...some are just a little trickier than others...)

Dalin and I got the flu shot this morning to hopefully prevent Tenley from getting sick. I'll let you know right now that if you are sick, we will be keeping her away from you. We can't afford to let her be exposed to anything as I'm sure you understand (she's still an infant so sickness can be quite dangerous). Our left arms feel like they've been punched from the shot (I swear the soreness after is much worse than the shot itself) but it'll be worth it if it keeps Ten healthy.

Tomorrow we take her to get her immunizations...I feel like crying just thinking about it. It'll be worth it if it keeps her healthy though. Oh, and her pediatrician says she looks very healthy and that she has a strong neck. She currently weighs 11 lbs, 1 oz. and is 22" long. Such a big girl! We sure love her. 


  1. I adore this Lil blog!! You and Dalin are amazing people(and parents too).

    1. Thank you so much! That makes me feel really good :)

  2. I can hold her from afar.. Sis Godbout


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