Wednesday, October 30

The Christmas List

Let's be honest--November and December are both like the fastest months of the year (that is, until about the week before Christmas) and somehow it is already the Adam of November (I guess tomorrow would be November Eve--if you don't get my stupid joke, just tell me haha ;). Anyway, if you haven't begun your Christmas list, now is the time to do so! Especially if you, like me, need plenty of time to think of gifts and find great deals (or make them if you're crafty!).

I don't want to spend a lot of money this year (haha because we don't have it) so I plan on doing my best to make most of my gifts. I wish I could share my ideas, but my family reads this thing more than anyone and I hate ruining surprises.

But for the same reason I can't share their gifts, I can share my wish-list which includes mostly home-made items:

1. A small hand-held drill (for drilling holes in wood and screwing in screws)
2. Wooden fridge alphabet magnets
3. A quarter ring (a ring made from a silver-edged quarter, instructions here)
4. One of these babies for New Hampshire and Idaho
5. Some simplicity wood nativity people
6. Pretty much anything on my Pinterest...particularly my *Create, Paint, Make* board
(located here)
7. A trip to Orlando to see my family and go to some theme parks. (Really, I just want this one more than anything ;)
This is me...forever ago. And this could be my baby girl in a few years! 
I feel like most of these things are do-able for my parents or brothers, so if you want to make me something (because I don't really just want "stuff"), here are some good ideas! Mom, make Dad, Payson, and Donny look at this please!

What is on your Christmas wish list? Anything immediately come to mind??

By the way, if you need a quick Halloween-related laugh, check out this video from the Ellen DeGeneres show. She's hilarious.

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