Sunday, October 13

Nicknames (Apodos)

We have always had a lot of nicknames for Tenley--even before she was born. We just couldn't help it. They range from variations of her names to completely random things we've started calling her.

For fun, here are the ones I can think of (and the explanations) for Tenley:

Ten (for obvious reasons)
Tenners (longer version)
Ten-Ren (Tenley ReNae)
Ten-Wen (which for some reason reminds me of Star Wars...maybe it's Obi-wan or padawan that does it)
Ten-Wenners (this came from Ten-Wen)
Ten-Belen (which evolved into...)
Belen (which, by the way is Bethlehem in Spanish--fun fact)
Tiny Ten & Big Ten (some days she seems small, other days she's big)
Baby girl, baby bird, and little bug (just describing her cuteness and littleness)
Babester (which obviously came from baby)
Pipster and little pip (yes these are weird, but you'll see how easy it is to do this to their names when you have a kid)
Teeny Tiny (she's still our little baby ;)

There are probably others we use less often, but these are the main ones. Especially the ones in bold. Anyway, we try to call her Tenley so she'll know her name obviously, but sometimes nicknames are cute. Especially for a baby.

What nicknames did you have for your kids and where did they come from?


  1. I too had lots of nicknames for my children... As well as for my pets!! It's funny to see them respond to a nickname !
    Love your blog! If you ever write a book , I'll be at the front of the line to get my copy autographed!!!!

  2. It is funny when they start to talk they comment on the nicknames. I called Aden a "Munchkin' yesterday and he said, " I am not a munchkin, I am a boy!" I said,"Okay, how about 'Doughnut Ball?'" He said, "ok"


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