Tuesday, October 29

5 Things That Make Me Most Happy Now

A lot of things make me quite happy right now!

1. Dalin. I have a wonderful husband whom I love very, very much. I loved talking to him on the phone tonight (he has a grave shift) about all kinds of things (the Masterpiece Classic movies I've been watching, what I've been doing with Tenley, how much I miss him) just like we were dating again. I feel as much in love with him as ever and even more so now. Even though we have both grown (though not height-wise in my case) and changed in several ways, we did so together. We've been molded into adults and parents together and have forever to continue to do so.

2. Tenley. Everything about her. It is impossible to imagine loving another human being so much as your own child until you have one. I know this from experience. I always knew I'd love my children, but there is no feeling like holding your own baby in your arms. Just knowing that Tenley is mine forever and that she is a part of Dalin and me fills me with joy. I cannot even comprehend how she came from me still--it's too miraculous. Life is a miracle.

3. The gospel of Jesus Christ. I love being a Latter-day Saint (aka Mormon). Just knowing that I can be with my sweet little family forever is such a comfort to me. Death is not the end! I can have joy in my family for eternity. I am so grateful to our loving Father in heaven for making this a possibility! If you want to know why Mormons are generally so happy, check this link out!

4. The Book of Mormon. I have been reading it a lot more lately (slowly but surely!), and my testimony that this book is truly the word of God is growing firm again. I have faith that reading it will strengthen my home and increase the happiness we feel daily. One purpose of this life is for us to have joy and I personally have been promised to feel that joy if I will continually try to do the right thing--including immersing myself in the scriptures. Sometimes I read them because it is a commandment, and sometimes (like now) I read them because it truly increases my happiness.

5. This blog. Sometimes I hate this stupid thing because it can be a big time waster, but more often than not, it brings me a lot of happiness because I enjoy writing, and I also like sharing my testimony and points of view with others. I hope that my writing does occasionally bring a little bit of additional happiness to your day. If not, let me know and I'll work on that...but if it has, I like to know that too. I love reading your comments, though all too often I just reply mentally rather than literally. But anyway, this blog is bringing me happiness in this exact moment and I guess that's what matters (at least for the sake of this post).

I'm sure I could add several others. But the requirement was 5 things, plus it's past midnight now and I have a baby girl to go and snuggle.

What are 5 things (or even just a few) that are making you happy right now? Maybe it's a major thing or something simple.


  1. Hi I am a huge fan of this blog and I read it all the time please publish more ! From your biggest fan amrit kaur

    1. Your comment made my day! If you saw my post from today, (and especially if you see my post tomorrow), you will see that I intend to post quite a bit more. I'm still in school until next week, then I'll be taking online classes throughout the fall and intend to post a lot more! Let me know if there is something you would like me to blog about in particular! Thanks for your nice comment!


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