Monday, September 10


I like the rain. I like being sun-kissed, but I like being in the shade more. I like deciduous trees. I like them in the spring as they are just beginning to sprout bright green leaves and bloom, and I like them in the fall when every single leaf is tye-dyed coral, tangerine, and marigold. I like tall, skinny boys--one in particular. ;) I like the color aqua. I like getting flowers for no reason at all. 
I like People Water. I like #TeamJem (Jef & Emily). I like blue cotton candy. I love roller coasters. I like getting handmade handouts at Church. I like little blonde children. I like long hair. I like BYU-Idaho. I like scrapbooks and the history in them. I like artsy hand-crafted jewelery. I like dried flowers, and pressed ones. I like the sound of stepping on autumn leaves. I like colored glass bottles. I like antiques (tables, chairs, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, broaches, rings, pictures, books, etc.). I like yard sales--"one man's trash..." I like action movies with an underlying romantic theme. I like salted almonds. 
I like the smell of a campfire. I like turquoise. I like wearing boots in the fall. I like the smell of real leather. I like the sound of birds when I wake up. I like the chirping of crickets. I like when church is not at 8am. I like paper lanterns. I like the rubbery feeling of spatulas. I like licking spatulas covered in batter. I like painting things I like. I like anything that reminds me of the ocean. I like humidity and how it makes my hair curl. I like signs with positive messages. 
I like seeing my full name in cursive--Olivia O’Rissa Searle Gunnell.
I like Pride & Prejudice...and Sense & Sensibility...and imagining I live in that time period. I like potted plants and how they bring life into a room. If I had to pick between the two, I'd be Team Jacob. I like the secret whistle Dalin and I use when we can't find each other in a store, or when we want to get the other one's attention, or to let the other one know we're home and at the bottom of the stairs. I like old keys. They remind me of the Secret Garden. I like how I feel like royalty when I'm in the temple. 
I like being a Latter-day Saint. I like the idea of yoga. I like Bohemian prints. I like Persian rugs. I like things made out of wood. I like the ticking of old clocks and of watches. I like dachshunds--especially ours. I like paying in cash. I wish all coins were as thin as dimes. I like when make-up looks natural. I like the Sound of Music. I like singing when I'm not with anyone so I can try to sing well. I like knowing every word to a song. I like pomegranates. I like Christmas stockings more than presents. I like Christmas romances. I like the movies that play on the Hallmark channel. I like the taste and texture of kale chips. 
I like mustard colored fabrics and leather. I like candy apples more than caramel apples. I like Tinker Bell. I like my birthstone, peridot. I like the smell of new cars and new tennis balls. I like shoes that look brand new. I like to sit with a soft blanket around me when I'm on the couch. I like non-scented lotion and deodorant, but I like the smell of shampoo. I like the smell of sunscreen and ocean water on my skin. I like when things work like they're supposed to. I like being either Yoshi or Toad when I play Mario Kart. I like wicker baskets. I like cream cheese on celery. I like star-gazing with my Grandpa and listening to him teach me about the constellations.
I like when everything is washed, cleaned, and put away. I like having nothing to do. I like reading--a lot. I like watching movies and seeing things in an entirely new light. I like seeing old friends. I kind of like shopping now. I like seafood...and I love lobster and steamers. I like cute outfits. I like how pregnant ladies look. I like sincere smiles. I love kisses from my husband. I like when people enjoy my artwork. I liked the time I saw the Northern Lights. I like the smell of apples. I like my house. I miss my family. I like how my parents raised me. I would like to be a book editor one day. This is because: a) I am good at editing, b) I love reading and I'll be able to all day with such a career, and c) I can work from home and be a stay-at-home mom like I've always wanted to be. I like the idea of being a mom and having lots of cute kids that look like their daddy. I like my sweet husband...a lot. I like being happy

Being with Dalin makes me happy above all.

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