Saturday, September 8

Birthday Gifts

Dalin gives the best gifts. 
Seriously, I am not sure where he acquired this skill never having had a wife before, but he always knows what I'll like.
For my twenty-first birthday, he had my gifts sent to New Hampshire so that I could open them on the actual day (August 9th) which was really clever of him. But a few were very late, including one which I received just today!

Check. It. Out.

My nerdy self, but the point is, the sky blue jeggings from Böhme are definitely tasteful
The other teal blue jeggings he bought for me from A√©ropostale
The adorable teal sandals he got after seeing them on Good Morning America

Love this turquoise bracelet. I wear it all the time

This super fly watch has a really comfy rubbery band. Dalin saw it advertised on Good Morning America, too.
He chose the colors for the band and the watch face. Also it's waterproof which is just cool.
Clearly Dalin has an eye for cute things. As you can probably tell in the first couple of pictures, I wear the bracelet and shoes quite frequently.

Can you guess what my favorite color is? ;)

Apparently I have one more birthday gift coming in two weeks. I literally have no idea what is (though I am beginning to speculate...) but am so excited. Dalin is, too. I can tell because every twenty minutes he asks me, "Do you want to know what your gift is?" Then I of course say: "Yes!" and he replies, "Not telling!" Hmph. Well I can be patient...right??

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