Friday, September 21

My Obsession...I admit it.

Oh Pinterest, I don't even have one of you yet, but already I am addicted. I knew just the place to go as I searched for sweet baby pictures. At first, I attempted to find ones that have a little bit of Dalin or a little bit of me in them so that I could imagine our future children. Then of course I got carried away and well, here is the result...
I think that I sort of looked like this as a baby. Blue eyes and round face.
My eyes were a bit darker and grayer. 
Cute little chompers :)
Love silly tongue pictures!
What an adorable face
This nose reminds me a little of Dalin :)
Oh, how I love brothers!
Such a gorgeous little thing
Greatest smile!
Love laughing babies
A cute little pair of teeth!
Little one thinks something is so, so hilarious 
Cutie pie--I love tiny babies
Precious round face
How the heck am I supposed to resist these little faces????

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