Wednesday, June 8

a couple of facts

  • dalin brent gunnell was born in oregon. his family moved to arizona for a few years before making their final move to the boise, idaho area. they lived in a few different towns (nampa, boise) and currently reside in caldwell, idaho. dalin is a student at brigham young university and plans on entering into dentistry. he served a mission in san diego, california where he taught the gospel in spanish. his parents are brent and jeneale, and he has three sisters: cassie (19), shaina (17), and jensen (8). they have a dog named cricket. dalin loves: olivia, reading, tennis, golf, watching football and basketball, watching baseball, and basically any sport. he works really hard and makes olivia incredibly happy. dalin loves olivia with every fiber of his being, and wants to spend every second of eternity with her. 

  • olivia o'rissa (searle) gunnell has lived in little old gilford, new hampshire for all twenty years of her life. she attends brigham young university-idaho in rexburg, idaho, where she is studying professional writing in order to become an editor. she is minoring in spanish and would like to teach her children someday. her parents are keith and linda searle, and she has two brothers: payson (19) and donovan (12). they have a dachshund named buddy. olivia loves dalin*, reading, drawing, painting, camping, hiking, fishing, tennis, frisbee, and any other outdoor activities. she loves the ocean and would like to live by it someday. olivia is so thankful to have dalin in her life. he is a terrific example to her and brings her a tremendous amount of joy. and for the record, she loves dalin best. 

*she loves him most.

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