Friday, June 24


dalin and i are at (just about!) 55 days now until we are married. it's slowly getting there. we took engagement pictures while he was visiting me in rexburg. and though it was crazy (definitely my fault...) it was a lot of fun. my roommates courtney and rachel took them (free of charge haha) and did a marvelous job. it seemed like a nice sunday activity as we walked around the different parts of the gardens on campus.

things seem to be falling into place i knew they ultimately would. dalin has been working so hard to find other jobs, i have been occupied with school, (thankfully i am finishing up a few classes soon enough), but i had my first dress fitting done at circle of love (incredibly corny name for a wedding place, but not surprising for out west), i found my shoes, my mom has reserved the reception place and different hotels for dalin and i, flights were paid for, and decoration and cake ideas are coming together. i think the only thing i have left to do out here really is find a veil. and finalize and address announcements. i'm hoping that's all...anyway, thank heavens for those who enjoy helping out with this kind of thing. they are certainly blessing our life and unquestionably their own. dalin's mother and my own mother are prime examples of these people. what would we do without our mothers?

here are a few (temporary) engagement pictures. they turned out dang cute. at least of dalin ;)

happy, happy, happy

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