Friday, June 17


dalin is coming up to rexburg to visit me this weekend! hopefully i will see him tonight before curfew. i have missed him terribly. it is incredibly hard to be apart from someone you want to be with for eternity. thank goodness there are only SIXTY-TWO days left on the countdown. i'm gonna die.

today i learned the difference between fiance and fiancee. i think i had already heard this before, but i had forgotten. according to wikipedia, fiance refers to an engaged man, and fiancee refers to an engaged woman. that seemed fairly obvious...but i thought i would share that for those of you who are ignorant like i was ten minutes ago.

dalin should be in rexburg in a little over an hour! i am so excited to see him!!!!!!

our plans for the weekend include, but are not limited to: temporary engagement pictures (for our invitations), a possible service project, a double date, church, lots of eating (grilled pineapple...hopefully), lots of love, lots of spending time together. i will just be overjoyed to see him!

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