Sunday, April 19

A Perfectly Perfect Sunday

Happiest of Sundays, my little group of readers!

Today has been very simple so far, and that doesn't happen very often so I'm breathing a sigh of relief. We made it to 8am church on time [insert applause here] with the two babies nonetheless, which was lucky since both of us had to teach first hour!

So Tenley went right to nursery and I wore Declan in the baby carrier the whole time. He slept and smiled the whole hour which was a huge blessing. My lesson was on Jesus Christ, our Savior, and Dalin's was on repentance. One of my favorite parts of the lesson I taught was a scripture from the Book of Mormon, which, for those of you who aren't LDS, is another testament of Jesus Christ. It supplements the Old and New Testament, which we also believe in and use. Anyway, this was it:

Once we had made the two-minute walk home (there are Mormon chapels on practically every block in Utah), I made turkey and provolone sandwiches, and we've been resting since. Dalin and Tenley have been sleeping and rocking in Dalin's chair like it's their job (see what I did there). Dec and mama have been snuggling and resting on the bed. Pretty soon, I'm going to get up and (hopefully) do some laundry (not hopefully because I want to but because we need to) and start packing our bags for San Diego this week!

I am the designated packer in our family. It has always been this way. I assume it happened simply because I am a mini control freak and actually enjoy packing (it's the unpacking I despise).

But it might also be because I wanted to make sure that Dear Husband and I would match on the daily for our first trip together (which, now that I think about it, I'm not even sure where that was besides our honeymoon...). I'm really into the cliche/corny matching-your-spouse kind of thing. I think it's adorable. And now that I have a boy and a girl it's even more adorable when I can have the babies match or--better yet--when I can get all four of us to match. I could really take this thing to the extreme if I wanted to...

I remember many moons ago (actually like three) when we just had one child.

Barely, but I remember it. It's like Declan has been here our whole lives. That's how we felt about Tenley, too. When I occasionally reminisce about the past and wish to go back to simpler times--like when my family would camp at the Joseph Smith Memorial in Sharon, Vermont or go boating on Lake Winnipesaukee or have a family reunion at the giant Wanakee cabin by Lake Pemigewasset (hmm...lots of Abenaki names for things in New Hampshire...)--I never truly want to go back without my three loves. Those places were fun and the memories incredible and unforgettable, but without Dalin and the babes I have no desire to go back.

I do, however, look forward to recreating those same memories with my own family.

Well, I need to get going on the chicken fajitas we're having for dinner (recipe in yesterday's post) and maybe I'll whip up some chocolate cake batter cookies after:) There's a good chance you can find out on my instagram. We'll probably have a little Family Home Evening lesson and then watch Secrets & Lies when the kids are in bed. (P.S. that's this super addicting crime can watch it on Hulu Plus).

What are you having for Sunday dinner? Also, packing tips are always welcome and much appreciated!

Declan snoozing during sacrament. Dalin was blocking the bright lights with his tie--Declan's poor eyes are probably going to be bad enough as it is.

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