Thursday, April 30

Our San Diego Trip in Photos

So much for my promise to post more often, huh?! I guess that's what happens when you don't bring your laptop on vacation (I love my laptop, but I think I love not having it even more. I wish I didn't need to bring my phone along on these things, but how would you get to see any photos otherwise??) and when you get home and immediately start school. Oh well...

But San Diego was amazing. I would dare label my first official trip to California a success--especially after a solid, fun-filled week of good quality family time.

My brother, Payson (22) came along as well which was awesome (he flew out and met us in San Diego). I wish I had photos of him but he hates being in front of the camera so I have almost none sadly.

But to sum up our trip, I have to include: visiting various tourist sites, walking around La Jolla and seeing the giant sea cave and seals and sea lions, visiting the San Diego temple, the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, getting free brand new kids' books and snacks at this random children's' event we happened upon, visiting the Mormon Battalion, Old Town San Diego and eating authentic Mexican food, touring the lighthouse at Point Loma and checking out the cliffs and tide pools, Imperial Beach, Coronado, walking through the Disney store, Apple store, and BrookStone at the mall, attending church, hotel hopping every night (using the HotelTonight app), eating an amazing dinner and dessert at a resort restaurant (expensive...worth it), Sea Port Village (cute gift shops, amazing mahi mahi tacos, Ben & Jerry's, and a chocolate ganache cupcake from Frost Me (winners of Cupcake Wars!)), another beach day, playing with Tenley at the pool, and more. I know I'm forgetting some things.

I have homework to do (if it wasn't midnight, I wouldn't even be sad about it), so I'm just gonna upload photos and let those do the talking.

~Visiting La Jolla (can you spot all the seal/sea lions?)~

The bridge club had prime location, which we thought was funny.
My exasperated face
Chasing a pigeon

~Visiting the San Diego Temple~


~Pool Time~

~Mormon Battalion & Old Town San Diego~ 

~Car Rides~

~Point Loma & the cliffs~

~Imperial Beach~

I love this photo of these two
I don't get what happened to Tenley's hand in this photo. It's warped or something.
Uncle Payson and little niece Ten
~San Diego Zoo~

Morning of San Diego Zoo...Tenley's 5am mascara incident
She had so much fun running around the zoo. 
She appears to be in disbelief;)
Hahaha this photo cracks me up...I stubbed my tow on the stupid tortoise's foot the second before
As soon as Dalin and I saw these lesser kudu, we both said (at the same time) "I'm pretty sure I shot like a million of those on Deer Hunter." It was hilarious. Turns out they're pretty cute though in real life.  

~Balboa Park~

~Mall, Resort, Amazing Food~

~Another beach day~


All of these of me are horrendous, but Tenley looked too cute:)

~Seaport Village~

~La Jolla again (with Payson this time)~

There's always one...70% of the time it's me...

~Declan's and my flight home~

We're home.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I traveled vicariously through them! I love San Diego! I just discovered your blog via Freckled Fox, and I'm enjoying it!

    1. Oh good, I'm so glad! Thank you! I'm working on justifying getting a decent camera so I can include some real photography. I love the Freckled Fox! One of my favorite blogs along with and :)


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