Wednesday, April 22

The Gunnell San Diego Family Vacation Begins

This photo pretty much sums up what it's like in our car right now. We (well Declan and I while Dalin finished up a final at home with Tenley...) hit up Cafe Rio (hot sweet pork burrito for Dalin, mild chicken enchilada for me, rice & beans for Miss Tenley), then Costco for gas, followed by Tropical Smoothie Cafe (my favorite Island Green Smoothie--24oz of yummy kale, spinach, pineapple, mango and something else I think. Banana? Maybe.), and last Walmart Market for Mountain Dew (the only time Dalin ever drinks soda is on a road trip. It's good because then I don't drink it either) and well, a few snacks for the toddler. And me, let's be honest. Dalin hardly eats anything. He's probably too grossed out by me pigging out in the passenger seat. 

Luckily, so far that Cafe Rio and smoothie filled me up so I haven't resorted to pigging out yet. Instead I'm trying not to think about what we might have forgotten because one, we've been on the road two hours and two, it's too late (see number one). 

I was using our crappy 3G to check out our hotel options on HotelTonight. We originally planned to stay in Vegas but now we're leaning toward getting to the California border at least. We'll see how kids do. But anyway I almost want to stay in Vegas because the options are so freaking cheap! And they're nice hotels, too! I'm telling you, HotelTonight is one of my favorite apps. Last time we went to Vegas (also coincidentally the first time) we stayed in a brand new, super luxurious hotel for like $60 and the options tonight for the resorts there are even better! There's one for $22, one for $24, and one for $29!!! $22 to stay in a nice resort?? That's like how much our Cafe Rio cost! Anyway, definitely check out that app next time you take a trip and if you wanna be cool, you can use our code DGUNNELL1 and get $25 off the first night you book. We also get $25 when you do that so we'd be pretty happy. We actually have $75 credit from referrals to put toward one of the hotels we'll be at in San Diego. I'm pretty pumped about that. I just can't say enough nice things about HotelTonight so I'll just stop talking and show you what's happening here right now. 
We're excited. Of course, this was only thirty minutes in so who's to say we'll look like this by tomorrow...
This was the best I could do without pulling a muscle from turning around in my seat. 
Hopefully she still looks this happy four hours from now--eek!!

I don't have my laptop and the format for my blog is really weird and annoying on my phone so I'll edit the page later on Dalin's laptop but I thought I'd give you a taste of what's happening with the little Gunnells.

Oh and one more thing! Another app I love on road trips is called TravelMath. It calculates how long you have left to the city or address you're going to and sometimes I obsessively watch the time go down when we drive up to Idaho. Anyway, I like that one too. 

Anyone else in California the next week? Maybe we'll see you there;) 

And a few more of our cute boy from a few hours later:)

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