Saturday, April 11

Happy Friday Happenings (a little late)

+Watching National Geographic-esque shows makes me feel smarter. Except when knowing the wingspan of an African swallow will come in handy, I've no idea. Perhaps if I ever need to get past a bridge keeper on a Bridge of Death.* Or maybe I'll go on a game show one day and be the next Ken Jennings. One can hope.

+I have a hard time sitting still for too long. I like to be doing things. I hate being lazy. It makes me feel miserable and puts me in a bad mood. That's why I'm a terrible patient when I'm sick...I don't like being forced to get rest. When I was put on couch rest (if it was bed rest I didn't technically obey) for a couple of days with my second pregnancy, it was the worst. I never could handle an extended period of that. I was bored in twenty minutes. I'd definitely be depressed if I was forced to stay in bed all day. Pretty much being inside too much depresses me. I need to be outside playing or going somewhere. If I have to be inside, I prefer to be cleaning or being productive in some way. Even if I'm just painting or reading, I feel like I'm accomplishing much more than when I just watch TV or on my stupid phone all day. (If it were up to me, our family would only watch TV a couple of times a week and cellphones would be used only for contacting people. I do love Instagram though...).

The lion stopped right in front of Tenley. It was so cool but a little freaky for her. After like fifteen seconds, she suddenly wanted me to move her. I tried to tap the glass to show her she was safe but she wasn't convinced. 
Our only family pic from the trip. Ignore the terrible lighting in the ape house...
That baby orangutan was so cute! He was only 5 months old.
Cute little elephant nursing. 
The amazing OrbitBaby stroller that we won on Instagram! It's sweeeeet.

+Hogle Zoo is pretty fun if you're ever in the Salt Lake area! It's definitely worth a visit. We had a great time there with Tenley yesterday. We're prepping her for San Diego--hopefully she'll be excited! I'd definitely pack your own lunch though and then bring $4.50 for some Dippin' Dots;). Banana split is my favorite! And I've had them all.

+I'm on journal 33 as of a week ago--Hooray! I love starting with a clean slate and fresh pages. Plus new paper smells amazing. That's why Barnes & Noble is like my favorite smell. 

Hope you had a fun-filled weekend! Who else is looking forward to the Sabbath tomorrow? 

*Monty Pyrhon reference just for you. If you caught that, imagine me clapping for you. 

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