Wednesday, April 8

Cali Trip Update: To Disney or Not to Disney?

*Written on my phone*

I'm so sad. So apparently Disneyland does it's ride renovations like right now, and evidently that means that like ten rides will be closed when we're in California! Nooooooo!!!!

I'm really bummed about it. Because with half the rides closed, that means there's a good chance we won't be going to Disney:( Sure there's SeaWorld and Universal but they are both way better in Orlando. And Legoland costs almost as much as Disney but I'd rather go to Disney. There's always the San Diego Zoo which I'm trying to be excited about (I like animals okay, but I can look at animals at Busch Gardens and Animal Kingdom, too). I don't think I've ever been to a real zoo before though (besides San Diego but I was younger than Tenley...) so maybe it'll be exciting. 

I guess if we don't do Disney we could go for a day at Six Flags...I've never been there and I'm a huge roller coaster junkie. It's just that we have to figure out how to keep the babies entertained too (Tenley mainly of course). Or we could just skip out for now and I'll hope I'm not pregnant the next time we go on a similar vacation (since that always seems to be the case). 

Thank goodness for the beach or I'd be much more reluctant to make this trip. Did I mention it's a ten hour drive?? With two babies?? But when will we ever live closer than that? Answer: probably never.  So it's time to take advantage. 

This beach bum is ready for some salty air and sandy feet.

P.S. Check out these pics of my two cuties before I end this.


  1. Disney with two babies and lot of closed rides doesn't sound like the most fun. Anxious to see where you choose to go/pictures. I am on travel restrictions as I am 32 weeks tomorrow. Dreaming of vacation.... I guess I will have to enjoy some blog vacations until Owen comes in June :)

  2. Your munchkins are adorable!
    Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

    1. Hey thank you, Veronica! I loved checking out your blog as well--lots of fun stuff!

    2. Hey thank you, Veronica! I loved checking out your blog as well--lots of fun stuff!


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