Wednesday, August 6

Growing a Little Gunnell :-)

I've been counting down the last ten days:-)
Well the cat (or baby?) is out of the bag! I'm pregnant with Gunnell baby #2 and we are incredibly excited! We kept the secret for all of June and July (apart from family and close friends who we did tell over the last few weeks). It was like the hardest thing ever for me to keep quiet, but I'm SO happy I did it because we're now two weeks into the second trimester and it felt like the first part flew by! I might not announce #3 until the third trimester next time...hmmm ;)

I strongly suspect I'm having another girl just because this pregnancy has been so similar to my first with Tenley. I've had the same light nausea and loss of appetite (among other things I'll talk about tomorrow!) and similar cravings such as sausage and hot chocolate early on, but now I feel wonderful again, my appetite is back with a vengeance (which is great because I only weigh 98lbs, yikes), and I'm craving everything, especially protein. I'm a weakling. I was nursing as long as I could (I tried so hard to make it to a year with Tenley but my milk was just gone a week or two ago:( which made me sad because Tenley wasn't ready to stop), but in some ways I'm grateful to have stopped because the extra calories it took out of me were killing me. I've never been more tired in my life. I've seriously gone to bed at 10:30pm the last few weeks because I simply have had no energy to stay up any longer.

So, if you're wondering, Dalin thinks we're having a boy. Last time, we both thought Tenley was a girl so it'll be interesting to see what happens (aka, who is right)! I will be thrilled either way. I would love a boy, but I would also be thrilled for Tenley to have a sweet little sister. So it's a win-win either way! I just want a healthy (cute;) baby with a temperament that is as sweet as Tenley's. Is that too much to ask? ;-)

Anyway, as I said, it's been really hard keeping the pregnancy a secret, and especially this last week since baby decided to make an appearance, not much sooner than Tenley did. If you don't believe me, here are some pictures from 13 weeks. I'll share 14 week photos soon most likely:-)
13 weeks! = size of a peapod
Really happy:-)

Do you like our teeny, tiny blackboard sign? I drew a peapod on it to represent the baby's size at that time. 
Love reading about our baby's growth each week!
Well that's that! I'm so thankful for that the second trimester is here and that things are going as well as they did with Tenley. Trimester two is seriously is my favorite part of pregnancy (unless you count giving birth). I am so happy to be hungry again and that my doctor encouraged me to eat lots of fatty shakes and ice cream to get my weight up (he did the same with Tenley since my weight was low to start). I'm not going to complain about that! I love being pregnant, I love feeling those tiny kicks (yes, I've already felt them a few times, I'm positive), and I love that our family is getting bigger and bigger! Just five more pregnancies to go, right dear? ;-)

Also, if you were wondering if this baby was planned, it's technically none of your business, but YES he or she was 100%. We wanted our babies to be 18 months apart and that is exactly what we're getting! I wanted a February baby (I got my August baby so Dalin needs a February one), and I will hopefully just make it to February. Our official due date as of now is the 6th, the day after Dalin's birthday and the exact day of his sister Cassie's birthday, but I'm shooting for being induced on February 1st so I'll get my February baby and not have to wait a second longer ;-) 

Anyway, we're really looking forward to meeting this little one and determining the gender so we can start preparations (we have zero boy stuff...). It's such a happy time and even more so knowing little Tenley will be so close in age to him or her! Also, I cannot contain my happiness at being mostly pregnant during the fall and winter. After we get our February baby, we are aiming for early spring every time because I do not particularly want another summer baby (swollen ankles and everything else, I'll pass). Stay tuned for more pregnancy updates over the next couple weeks before New Hampshire (and then we'll see how well I do at blogging)--I have quite a bit to share from the first trimester and the first few weeks of the second! Thank you for reading! We couldn't be happier!!!!!

Wishing you bundles and bundles of joy,


  1. If you don't mind me asking, how will you afford another child? I want a second child but I can barely afford the one I have.

    1. you know, maybe i'll write a post about this because i think that will take a while to explain, but my main thing is that we don't actually spend that much on stuff. like clothes. unless it's a birthday, we don't get very many extra things. we buy food, and necessities, but we focus on spending money on things as a family. we are still stressed about money, but i feel confident that we'll be okay. i'll let you know more soon ;)

  2. Olivia the only picture that can be seen is the first one! Just so you know :) Congrats!!!

    1. ah! thank you for telling me, alexa! and thanks for the congratulations! we are so excited!

  3. so excited for you liv! we'll have little friends just a few weeks apart!

    1. thank you, elisabeth! that's why i was so excited to hear about your pregnancy! that's so fun!

  4. Congratulations! So excited for you family! :)


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