Thursday, August 14

Movie Reviews and Rambling

I'm sitting on our couch watching a movie that always puts me in a fall-ish mood and holding really still so I can feel as this baby sweetheart inside me wiggles around as he snuggles in for bed. I love that feeling and I just can't wait to snuggle him in person. I can't imagine many things better than snuggling your own baby and smelling that sweet newborn smell. Sometimes I wish Tenley wasn't so wiggly or that I still had any milk to nurse her so we could enjoy more of those snuggles now that she's older. :(

The movie I'm watching is "Penelope." I am not sure why I like this movie so much--most people probably just think it's okay or lame, but I think it's funny and really cute. And watching it just puts me in a happy mood and gets me excited for fall. Anyway, it's on Netflix if you haven't seen it.

Speaking of good movies, today we went to see "Guardians of the Galaxy." I thought it was going to be DUMB. I had no desire to see it. I said to Dalin: "I don't want to see a movie with a little raccoon as one of the main characters." But he begged me and finally I agreed. And I'll be honest, it wasn't half bad. I actually thought it was really funny. There was quite a bit of swearing, but a lot of sarcastic humor and some pretty great characters. If you like the computer-animated action-packed fights with starships and lots of space guns, then you'll like it even more. I thought the fights were a little boring because they weren't exactly realistic (as if the whole movie was realistic, but anyway) but I can see them being cool to a teenage or younger boy. Anyway, we liked it and even Tenley did!

Tenley has never been very interested in TVs or movies (at least not for a long period of time) and even though the loudness of the previews scared her a little, when I handed her to Dalin to sit on his lap, he covered her ears and then she had no trouble! She was completely captivated by the movie. I was handing her french fries as we watched and she was taking them without looking so she could watch the movie. She did the same thing when I offered her sips of lemonade. It was too cute and funny to just see her and Dalin with the exact same expression as they watched the movie and ate fries with him blocking her ears. I watched them a good portion of the time until Tenley fell asleep on Dalin's chest and we used my scarf to block her exposed ear. She slept for quite a long time, then toward the end, she sat on my lap and I covered her ears while she watched. We had expected a little (maybe a lot of fussing) and trying to get down the whole time, but she didn't even try. We are so lucky she's so easygoing!
Mesmerized. Clearly ;-)
After the movies, we stopped by Bath & Bodyworks (or as we accidentally call it all the time, Bed, Bath & Bodyworks) for shower gel for Dalin and for some candles/fragrance for our wall flower thing. Our kitchen has smelled horrible lately (I can't tell if it's just my nose, but regardless it's intolerable) and our Pumpkin Spice candle that I love seems to be running out of scent. Or I've just grown used to it, which would be a bummer. So we got one called Autumn Mums which smelled clean to me, and Heirloom Pumpkin because I wanted my fall scent back in the house.

So that was basically our day--we did stop by the BYU Farmer's Market for peaches, blackberries, and of course kettle corn and I made some pretty delicious tortellini with cucumbers and yellow tomatoes for dinner. But other than that, we've been relaxing and playing with our Tenley girl. She is seriously the best. I can't stress her awesomeness enough.
I hope you had an equally marvelous today. Tomorrow (on Friday when I'll post this) I am working at King Henry because they're having check-outs, Saturday we will hopefully be going to a BBQ with Gramma and Grandpa Gunnell who are up from Arizona, and Sunday (Dalin works:[ ) Tenley and I will be going to church and packing for New Hampshire!

I started packing like, last week, but little to no progress has been made for me or Dalin. Tenley is pretty much all set. Anyway, I just can't wait for the next few days! Hopefully doing cleaning checks around single apartments doesn't kill me too badly :-P

In case I don't get to write, have a great weekend!

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