Tuesday, August 5

Little Signs

Our house is a little chaotic today. Dalin worked grave shift last night so it's just Tenley and me for the next four and a half hours. But who's counting? (ME--I need a break from our little angel. Just for like thirty minutes). I've been trying to get things accomplished--what else is new--but it's totally harder than it sounds because while I'm picking up one thing, Tenley is in the next room, pulling all of our decorations off the shelves, along with every one of her books. Or she's in our bedroom trashcan pulling out every piece of paper or tissue in there (which is disgusting, I know, but what can you do? She's too smart to be tricked). Or she's simply sorting the dirty laundry from the laundry bin to the floor for me. Sigh. My OCD is kicking in a little more than normal lately, but it's hard when you love being clean and your one-year old (in one week! Ahh!) loves being messy. It's worth it though. Totally. I just count cleaning our house as my workout now.

But certain things around here have been reminding me that fall is coming! (Some of these things are my doing, but oh well). For one thing, we had clam chowder the other night (it was Tenley's first time) and she really liked it! The only trouble was I was feeding her from my bowl which meant I was sacrificing a lot of deliciousness because she wanted another bite as soon as I took the spoon out of her mouth. But I guess I'm glad she likes seafood. My parents used to joke that they hoped none of us would like lobster or steamers so there would be more for them. But no such luck. I'm pretty sure it's the favorite food of all five of us--and six if you count Dalin now (though he is not a huge fan of steamers yet).

I've had our Spiced Pumpkin candle (easily my favorite fall candle) on the warmer for the last week so the house smells amazing when we get home. I also put together a little decoration with our scented pine cones (which also smell amazing) and hung them from a green ribbon by our bed so we can catch a whiff of autumny-ness when the breeze blows in the window over our bed. The nights are getting cooler (I woke up with a sore throat this morning which I blame partly on being sort of freezing last night, but I was too exhausted to get up and slide our window shut), which means our orchid flowers are starting to fall off, which makes me a little sad, but also happy that the weather is changing! I've worn three sweaters in the last week. That's a good sign. It may only be August, but whenever there is cooler weather, I embrace it. And maybe best of all, the Farmer's Market starts this Thursday and I am dying for some yummy, fresh kettle corn and delectable berries. I love going to the Farmer's Market by the BYU stadium. It seriously makes me so happy. It's weird to think that last year not long after this time, I was carrying my little newborn around in my arms and everyone was admiring our little beauty. It's going to be fun when she is trailing along behind me like a big girl. I can't believe she's almost one. That had to be the fastest year of my life. I don't even remember not having her in my life.

Anyway, that little baby mentioned above is being a little bit whiny today (but I'll forgive her because her molars came in and she's not feeling well, poor baby) and I need to get more than this done today because I told myself I would and because, really, what is this doing for me besides proving therapeutic.

Oh, P.S., important things happening tomorrow. You probably will want to read about it.


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