Tuesday, August 19

3 Years of Forever

Four years ago, even three and a half--I had no idea that I was months away from getting married. I had never met or (seriously) dated anyone who I felt I would have possibly consider marrying. When Dalin and I were set up through our mutual friend, I had no expectations. I was excited about the prospect of meeting this guy and attracted to Dalin from the pictures I'd seen of him (we first chatted through Facebook at the suggestion of our friend for those who don't know) but that first week was so funny. I thought at first that he was a little bit cocky because he seemed so confident. But he was also funny and sweet, and I didn't want to stop talking to him. So we didn't. And we haven't since.

Two weeks later, we had met, I'd spent a week with his family, we had officially begun dating (he was the first guy who asked me out that I had said yes to and that was after a long, quiet drive home--I still feel bad that I made him wait for an answer as I thought about it on our drive home. I felt like I had hurt his feelings when I didn't answer right away and after I said yes, I had no idea why I'd waited at all), and I felt really, really good about it. In fact, I had no bad feelings. 

I remember my only worry was about what other people would think. The timing was so quick. But I knew in my heart that it was right. And despite my previous desires to date the guy I'd marry for a year, be at least 22, (among others), I learned that when you know, you just know. I prayed about marrying him and always felt so positive about everything whereas with past guys I'd dated I had had concerns or regrets. I had felt like none of them were right for me to pursue to marriage. But with Dalin, I couldn't think of anything that made me worry. And the fact that my parents supported me and trusted me with so little discussion or persuasion (especially considering how unsupportive they were of me dating in the past) convinced me that they also felt good about it. They told me they liked what they had heard and seen of Dalin and felt positive about the choice. That sealed the deal for me.

In mid-May, just two months after we met, Dalin called my dad and asked for his permission and blessing to marry me (which he got after an eleven-minute conversation that I was dying to hear about, but nobody gave me good details). Then, a week or so later, on May 28th, in Provo Canyon, Dalin asked me to marry him for eternity in the temple. At this point, I had already known I would be marrying him and said yes without hesitation. Being engaged was one of the most fun and exciting parts of my life. We had such a great time together and I knew that marrying Dalin would be a joy. Now, three years later, I see just how much my perception of joy has changed. I love Dalin more than I thought a person could love someone.

And yet, in spite of all this, I want to remind you that our marriage is not perfect. We fight and argue pretty often (though almost always about stupid things like changing Tenley's diaper or doing a chore we both hate). We get angry and frustrated with each other. We say things we want to take back (this is mostly me). But our marriage is amazing. And how? Because we are quick to apologize and forgive one another. Because we do things for the other person that they hate to do themselves (and that we probably hate, too). Because Dalin never yells (I've been working on that for a long time...). Because we still surprise each other. Because we sacrifice for each other. Because that's what you do if you want your marriage to last forever. You forget your pride, you forget who was right, and you apologize and forgive because anything less is not an option. It's not easy. It's actually pretty hard. But I have never regretted a time I've sucked up my pride and apologized.

So that's what we've been doing for three years. Forgiving, forgetting, and growing that joy that started when we first knew we loved each other. I am so thankful for Dalin and the person that he was as a boy and young man, the man and father that he is now, and the wonderful man he's becoming. I love every part of him. And I plan on doing so for eternity.

Now, for some less mushy stuff, here are some old photos from my bridal shower and our wedding day taken by my uncle, Robert Peek. He is an amazing photographer, and some of these were "long lost" so I decided to share them now. Enjoy ;-)

A photo with my aunts, Nana, and mom, all who did SO much for me on our wedding day!
Aunts Carolyn, Pam, & Molly, (me), Nana French, Aunt Dianne, my mom Linda :-)
Good picture of my mom!
Getting our marriage license in Belmont, Mass.! (where the Boston temple is actually located) Dalin looks so young!
I love this photo outside the Belmont town hall. Not long before we got married!
And our first time outside as husband and wife!
I was a tad excited ;-) Mostly I was probably just trying to be funny :-P
I love this of us just talking outside the temple while our sister, Jensen, holds my train
best friends. forever (for real now)
My family. I love how my parents and Dalin and I look in this one! My brothers though...come on... :-P
At the family luncheon listening to toasts from family members. We were inseparable :-) 
Leaving the Common Man hand in hand
Love these pics!
Outside our reception center on Lake Opechee in Laconia (after I had my hair styled clearly)
Preparing for our first dance together
Dancing with my dad. He's so funny
This one makes me laugh...my face haha
Such a great photo of my dad!
With my favorite maternal grandparents ;-) Grandpa and Nana French, and Great Nana Kane!
Cute picture of Dalin and his dad. Both handsome in their suits. Love them!
I hope you enjoyed those "old" pictures as much as I did. They're so clear and beautiful...it makes me wish I actually tried to take decent photos a little bit ;-)

If you have any fun (or serious) marriage advice to share, I would love it! We have an eternity of time left to use it! 

And happy anniversary to my darling husband! As you know, I love you like mad.

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