Saturday, August 9

14 Weeks and Weekend Happenings

It's been a busy weekend and the rest of August is even busier. I'm excited for our plans but a little sad that our family of 3.5 all caught colds this week. Sore throats, stuffy noses, too much mucus, and headaches (at least for me as a result of the medication, which is an antihistamine) basically sums up how we've been feeling. Being pregnant and ill is the worst. My immune system is so weak, it's very annoying because I'm bound to get sick if I'm around sick people. So if you get sick, please stay like ten feet away because it is miserable for a pregnant lady--mainly because there are so few medications we can take!

Anyway, we didn't let the colds interfere with our schedule, however. On Friday, I worked at King Henry for a few hours (though I had to leave for a few hours to go to Urgent Care with Dalin and Tenley--so annoying because as far as we could tell, Tenley was fine, but she had to have her blood drawn as a safety precaution. If you didn't hear, she may or may not have (we really do not know for sure) put a used needle in her mouth as a result of a nurse improperly storing/disposing of them. But since we don't know, she has to get three blood tests over the next six months to be tested for Hepatitis and AIDs. It's ridiculous and makes me sad because either way, she's enduring a lot for either something very serious or for no reason at all). Then, Friday evening after Dalin got done at a work dinner, we hurried to William Ayer's wedding reception in South Jordan. It was wonderful and even though many people had left, we so enjoyed seeing those we knew and getting to eat some of their yummy turkey sandwiches and salsa. So good! Tenley loved the food, the snowcones, and dancing! She had a fun time. 

Today was my 23rd birthday. Yippee! Haha, I've warmed up to 23 considerably in the last few weeks, especially now that I'm pregnant and will be having a second little baby before next year! I'm so happy about that! Here are some 14 week belly photos. Sorry that we used our iPhones...we're a little lazy...
14 weeks!
Just a lemon-sized baby in there!
The first picture which we took with flash. The iPhone's flash stinks. 
Anyway, I think you get the gist from these pics. Tomorrow I teach Relief Society about eternal families, then next week is my last day of class, finals, Tenley's birthday, among other things ;-) I can't wait to tell you all about them.

Oh, also my birthday has been great despite us being sick. Dalin made me pancakes and I had breakfast in bed. For gifts, he got me some cute clothes (half are maternity!), a gorgeous bracelet with magenta stones, and a really cool, really sweet book he designed called "The Reason We Love You" by Dalin and Tenley. I didn't cry when I read it (which is surprising since I do tend to cry at random things more often--though not as bad as with Tenley's pregnancy, that's for sure) but I had a huge smile on my face and it made me really happy. I love it. And the graphics he chose (mostly stick figures) are hilarious! We ate at a delicious, authentic Chinese restaurant on Center Street in Provo and picked up a Midnight Chocolate ice cream cake that we are going to eat tomorrow after Church! Dalin had to work this afternoon, and though I missed him, I was glad we didn't have to do anything else because I was exhausted (I got in bed as soon as we were home) and then I did some reading, light homework, and played with toys with Tenley. We also played chase-the-other person and Tenley is surprisingly fast and it's scary when she runs (well, crawls) at you and attacks you. I gave her a peanut butter and fluff sandwich for dinner (I'm just a nice Mom, I can't resist even though fluff is basically melted marshmallows) and put her in bed. Now I just plan on picking up this place a little before Dalin gets home and we go to bed. I'm so glad Church is at noon now, let me tell you...even though that means I'm teaching first hour! Ah!

But I have had a great birthday (as great as it can be while feeling lousy) and I'm just kind of looking forward to my birthday dinner of lobster once we get to New Hampshire. 9 days! I can wait.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I can tell 23 is going to be great!


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