Thursday, August 14

Baby Names: Finding the Right One

Thinking of baby names. Another stressful part of life. Especially because those things are pretty permanent and you don't want to ruin your child's future because on a whim, you chose a name you thought was interesting.

First, you have to think of one you feel like you can live with saying for the next fifty plus years to your child. Then it can't be one that's been tainted by a former acquaintance (How often does that happen?--Someone ruins a name for you because they are too weird or annoying or mean). For example, Dalin likes the name Chelsea, but a couple of Chelseas in particular come to mind and, well, I can't name our daughter after those ones anyway (don't worry, I'm not Facebook friends--or real-life friends--with the ones I'm referring to so we're good). THEN your spouse has to like it as much as you do (or at least, you have to help it grow on them).

And then there's the matter of those around you offering their opinions, whether wanted (unlikely) or not. Guess what. You can name your child whatever you want. And newsflash--they are going to have to call your child by that name because they have no choice--it's their name. So don't be bothered by people's criticism. My parents didn't immediately like Tenley's name, but once they got used to the idea, they both admitted they love it. My 14-year old brother wasn't crazy about it. But he's 14, so I don't feel too bad. And he actually likes it now! Hardly anyone liked my cousin Caelan's name before he was born (I did), but everyone grew used to it and now associates it with the most adorable little boy you've ever seen. So people's minds change once they get to know your child, which is something to think about.

And if you really don't want to bother with the criticism, don't tell anyone your final choice until your baby is born. By then it will be too late, and most people are not going to tell you to your face that they don't like the name you chose for your baby. They'll pretend to like it, actually like it, or say nothing about it if they don't.

And who knows, you might change your mind about a name at the last minute. My sister was convinced their daughter would be called London. But when she was born, she just didn't look like a London. Within a day or two they decided on Brooklyn which we all agreed suits her perfectly.

Well, at least we agree on boy names so we are set if our next baby really is a boy (unfortunately we're only like 90ish% sure). But girl names is another story. We have plenty of options (from my list;) but I just have to convince Dalin about them. Either way, Tenley is going to have a little sibling and we cannot even wait to watch her become a big sister!

Have any names been ruined for you? I want to hear what they are! (But you can skip the why part or make it really vague if you'd like.)

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  1. wait this is 100% accurate. all of it. people always want to tell you that your name-ideas are sub-par to their suggestion they're about to make. (like when i told my in-laws i wanted a daughter named hosanna. admittedly, it's unique. but whatever, right?) also the name laura has been ruined for me by a particularly mean girl back in elementary school, even though i've met some nicer lauras since. :)


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