Monday, August 25

Heritage Farm for Breakfast

I decided to try something new with this post. I've had the Blogger app on my phone for a while now, but I've hardly ever used it because it's so inconvenient to download pictures and to type up an entire post on my little iPhone five. So what I'm doing right now is actually dictating using the microphone (which is pretty much the only way I text now because I hate typing on my phone especially because AutoCorrect is so annoying to me and because Siri is the worst at understanding what I say) and "I have to say it's going immensely" (quote from Erin off The Office--maybe her only funny line).

Anyway the day has been busy but we started off our last week with a bang. I woke up at like six with Tenley (her schedule is a little messed up here) which was definitely not ideal but I did capture an adorable picture of her napping by Grandpa Searle so that made it worth it;-) 
When the boys got up at ten (they've stayed up past midnight playing poker every night--much to my dismay since I'm way too exhausted to stay up with them and they're too exhausted to get an early start as a result), we drove to Heritage Farm in Sanbornton for breakfast at the Pancake House (it's owned by a member of my ward at church). If you have not been there it is well worth the trip. No question. They serve their food family style meaning all on large platters and there is always plenty to go around. A $12 adult meal consists of two pancakes, two eggs, bacon or sausage (or both if you're me and that's your favorite part;-), homestyle fries, and a drink. They have a huge selection of pancakes and drinks and they'll cook your bacon nice and crispy (or "dead" which means super hard--I love that:P). Plus their fries and sausage are delicious too. Basically you get a ton of food (if you order for a child for $6 you get one of everything instead of two) and it's all amazing. If you have leftovers--between the five of us and Tenley we had one pancake--you can feed them to the animals outside. We split our pancake between the pigs, goats, and geese. Pretty much all the animals wanted some. 
Anyway the food is so good. It's been hours and I'm still thinking about it! After, we stopped by the Nike outlet because Dalin's fairly new slides had a rip already and the manager was cool and let us exchange them for a new pair. So then we stopped by Market Basket (my favorite grocery store in NH when it was managed by ATD;-) so the guys could check out how empty it was with everyone boycotting it because of the change of management. There were only two cars there besides us (and besides the workers' cars on the side who had nothing to do in the store because of everyone boycotting) and the place looked ransacked. Someone should film a zombie apocalypse movie there. There were signs everywhere outside reading "We want ATD back!" & "ATD will return!" & "Boycott Market Basket." Dalin took pics inside. It was crazy. There was almost no food anywhere. 
Anyhow, after that detour, we headed home to rest for a bit. It's been so nice to be able to have other people to play with Tenley for me while I catch up with naps. I'm not much of a napper because I usually have too many things to do but here in NH I've taken one or two every other day which has been great. I think the extra sleep and second trimester hormones are helping give me that pregnancy glow that I did not really get with Tenley. Well, those things and the humidity, which really helps my skin a lot. I'm very pleased about it anyway ;-). 

After some down time, Dalin, Tenley & I took a walk around the neighborhood  block and visited with my former first grade teacher who is also a neighbor. Tenley fell asleep in the middle of our brief conversation with my teacher and her husband and was dying to get to bed even after I woke her up to feed her dinner when we got home. She missed her own naps today :-P We had steak, corn on the cob, and vegetables for dinner and it was delicious! 

Speaking of corn on the cob, on Facebook, I asked friends to tell me how they eat their corn and was relieved to find I wasn't as weird as my whole family and Dalin's seem to think I am for eating my corn around the cob (opposed to across like a typewriter). I am never self conscious about it until someone points out that it's weird and they always do! But evidently I'm not alone so I feel much better about it now :-)

Well, I'm tired (clearly from that last paragraph) and want to do some reading, plus I can feel baby boy Gunnell kicking his little feet against me and I want to savor the sensation so I will leave you for now. 

Wishing you a cozy Monday night! Since I'm typing this on my phone I may have to add pictures later! 

Let me know how you eat your corn and if you have any suggestions for things to enjoy this last week in New Hampshire! ;-)

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