Tuesday, July 29

Rainy Days Are Sushi Days

What a glorious day in Provo. If it were like this 50% more often, I might even start to like Utah a little. It was rainy and humid and thunderstormy out today...my favorite kind of weather. Well, actually my hair and skin's favorite weather. They always look better in this climate. It's like in the 60s and it feels so nice to wear "warmer" clothes (I'm wearing capris and a sweater--eek! I love sweaters!). I even had to switch my wedding band to my middle finger (it's slightly bigger than my engagement band) because it was so "cold." Yay! By the looks of it, I may be putting on a rain jacket when we go out for a late lunch in the next hour or so.

Speaking of lunch, I am craving sushi today (well, when am I not craving seafood really...) so we are headed to the Happy Sumo for the first time today for some California rolls and whatnot. Dalin is not a big sushi fan so we may be getting mainly vegetarian rolls but regardless, that stuff is delicious and I have been thinking about it for the last hour. Dalin's at a meeting so Ten and I are waiting for him to get back.

In the meantime I am should be working on my research paper. I am so close to finishing, I need just a little more. I wish I could skip class this evening but there are only four days left so I'd better not. Sigh. But hey, four more classes (for each of my three classes)! That's two and a half weeks and I'm done!

Well, I've procrastinated working on my paper long enough. I guess it's time to get moving.

Hope you are enjoying the rain (or whatever weather) wherever you are (that was a tongue-twister;)!
P.S. Here's a pic of Ten and I enjoying the rain on the back porch. Tenley refused to smile for more than a few seconds so this was the best I could do. 

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