Saturday, July 26

My Long List of Things to Do

I have a million things to do today. Unfortunately most of them do not make the fun list.

I'm doing three giant loads of laundry (and darn it, there are two dirty hand towels next to me that are supposed to be in there...), which is the worst thing of my life because it's a hundred degrees basically and our laundry building is two buildings away from us. Plus I have a baby who can't quite walk alone yet. The situation is lame.

I have a ton of dishes to wash. I hate dishes so much. My hatred for doing dishes by hand (which I actually used to enjoy doing before it became necessary) is only conquered by my love for cooking. If I could cook in paper pots and paper skillets I would. Alas, that technology has not yet reached America. Or any country that I am aware of.

In addition to the laundry I'm already doing, I have a pile of old clean laundry at the foot of our bed that just kind of got abandoned in favor of more interesting/important things. Like my baby. And homework. So there's that.

I need to reorganize our clothing drawers and closets (while I'm already doing a ton of folding today, why not add more?) and get rid of a bunch of shirts that I haven't worn in three years and I'm betting will not be worn in the next three years. I think it's time to give in and just get rid of them. Maybe I can sell some of them, but I'll probably just end up donating most of it.

De-cluttering. Tenley's books and toys always end up completely off the shelves and our kitchen table is more of a dump table right now. I'm surrounded by messes. I could take before and after pictures, but probably no one wants to see how bad it is right now. And who would blame them!

I need to work on (and finish!) my research paper for the Senior course, or English 495. It's not due until next Monday, but we have a family reunion next weekend so that's not going to work. I need like 5 more pages. I already have 10 or so. It's a long one. But more interesting than most research papers I've been required to write at least.

And perhaps most importantly (besides playing with/feeding/spending time with Tenley), I need to prepare my second (ever) Relief Society lesson for tomorrow. I'm so excited that I get to teach the General Conference talks. My last lesson went so well so I'm much less nervous about this one. We will see how it goes though. Our Relief Society room is really hot.

So that's kind of it for now. I wanted to show off the necklace I painted and put together for Tenley's birthday/for our plane ride to New Hampshire. It's pretty cute. But I'll do that another time.

For now, I've got to figure out which item on my list to do first before Tenley wakes up from her nap!!!!

Have a nice Saturday, everyone.

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