Saturday, April 6

22 weeks, 5 days

Baby belly (back on Valentine's day)
Today's doctor appointment was pretty standard. We listened to her heart, which was beating at about 130 beats/minute, weighed me (a little over 110 lbs. which is an improvement), and Dr. Pace measured my belly (aka my uterus). Basically the only parts that were significant were when the nurse gave me what is apparently a nasty glucose drink which I need to have before the next appointment in three weeks (I highly doubt I have diabetes so I feel like this is going to be a huge waste of effort), and when the doctor told us the 20-week ultrasound looked good--our baby is a little small (but I'm kind of small so that seems obvious) but everything looks fine. We are going in for another ultrasound around 27-28 weeks because little girl's head was too low to see her brain and lips clearly (the ultrasound tech almost killed me trying to get an angle so I'm not as happy as I would normally be to go back there).  
The only thing that concerned ME was that the ultrasound said she is about the size of a baby at 18 weeks and 5 days. And we were at 20 weeks. I am fine with a small baby since clearly I'm not built to hold a big one but how small is too small? Truthfully, I am more worried that my doctor will change our due date than I am about the baby's size. She is very active and kicks me all day long so I know she is doing fine. We have not experienced hiccups yet, or if we have, I couldn't tell. I am probably worrying for nothing. Hopefully she'll have a growth spurt by 27 weeks and will be close enough to the "average" size that we won't need to be concerned. 

I feel big for 23 weeks (which I hit this weekend) so I don't really understand how she could be so small but we'll just have to wait and see. I know the doctors get all worried when the mother doesn't put on enough weight, but I am eating as much as I can take so I don't really know what else I can do. I don't think I'm physically capable of gaining more than 25 lbs. so I really hope that's enough! I feel like everything is going right so we'll just continue to pray that the baby is healthy and that she'll develop normally. 

Has anyone else had a baby on the smaller side? 

Did your due date change? 

How much did you gain for your pregnancies? 


  1. Hey honey,

    I'm six inches taller than you are, and on my first three pregnancies, I gained 28 pounds on each. So if you can hit 25, I would guess you will be fine. I think your little girl will hit a growth spurt and surprise everyone. :)

    Love you!
    Mom G.

  2. I wouldn't worry too much. When we went in for our first ultrasound, they told me Evelyn wasn't measuring as big as they would've hoped either. They told me her head was too small and what not. So they pushed my due date back and I totally hear you about them digging that scope thing into your belly. It hurt. But we went in a few weeks later and they saw her just fine. I didn't really go according to the new due date they gave me though because when I would consult the baby week by week counters, she was right on schedule with what that said for my original due date. So I never believed them and when she came just a week before my original due date, they said she was a late preterm baby, but she was a healthy weight and size, so I knew they were a little batty when they changed my due date. Turns out, Evelyn just has a small head anyways.

    Don't worry about not feeling the hiccups. I only did twice with Ev and it was in the latter end of my pregnancy. I didn't have any problems gaining weight, but my cousin did and she said as long as you're eating we'll and doing what you can, you'll be fine. Your body is made to do this.

    And the glucose test is nasty. Sorry. But I thought it was the worst part of being pregnant. And your body will tell you if there's something wrong or to be concerned about. Yes, doctors are nice to have around, but only you know what's going on with your body. If you ever need to talk baby, let me know. :)


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