Saturday, April 6


In my first trimester, food did not sound that good. I ate because I had to but I didn't really want to. I didn't throw up at all, but the nausea was enough to prevent me from eating a few foods that I'm normally fine with. Now that I'm well into the second trimester, things are looking a lot better. I had that freak accident with a bagel which I threw up but I think I just ate it too fast or something because bagels have been fine since. The baby seems to like pretty much everything and even kicks when she's hungry. I can tell because my stomach is conveniently telling me that I'm hungry, too. So, I pretty much crave these foods all the time, but the items that stand out in my mind (that I also have a lot of) include:

egg salad sandwiches. I eat them like four times a week for lunch at least. 

sausage. (Like the patties from McDonald's for example). This baby likes her meat and protein. Which is probably a good thing. 

hot chocolate. I like hot chocolate anyway, but it definitely sounds better to me now where I could have it every day. 

any liquid. I am way more thirsty than I normally am. Water, OJ, Lime-Aid, whatever. Sometimes I get so thirsty that I'll grab a water bottle and pretty much inhale it like I do every time I eat macaroni and cheese.

veggies. I always love to snack on vegetables (like some chopped up cucumber with salt and pepper, or baby carrots with dressing, or celery with cream cheese, or red/orange/yellow pepper slices) but it's definitely been a good thing that this baby likes vegetables. 

lobster. Just kidding, that's just my favorite food and something I always crave. But I have had it a few times since being pregnant so hopefully baby girl loves it just as much as her mom and dad. She BETTER love seafood....

What did you crave? Did it change as time went on?

lots of delicious veggies

notice the veggies, sausages, and water

sliced cucumbers. good with every meal

lobster. i can't even tell you how much i wish we were having this and corn on the cob right now.

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