Tuesday, April 30

Valuable Lesson and Random Thoughts

Well, I learned a lesson today. And that is, do NOT delay prayer. Make it your first resort rather than your last. I have been looking for two completely random and unrelated items for a while now and pridefully thought I could rely on myself to find them. Finally, I said a prayer and then somehow found both things within ten minutes. I feel very foolish. So save yourself some time and embarrassment and PRAY FIRST!
By the way, the items were a TJMaxx giftcard and the plug to an electric skillet. Totally random, but I really needed them both! I need to thank Heavenly Father for teaching me that lesson.
Also (unrelated) I am craving corned beef and cabbage right now. Not like recently but right now. Luckily Dalin will be home from work soon and he is bringing me some Olive Garden...guess that'll have to do... ;) I am so pumped. Baby girl must be, too, because she is pushing her feet (or some body part) against me a lot right now. By against me, I really mean against the inside of my uterus. She might just be stretching out, but I would not be surprised if she is as hungry as I am.
I'm hoping this week flies by! I can't wait for the weekend...first Saturday off in three weeks...woohoo!
This is me with my first ever (self-done) sock bun. I actually think it looks a lot better in person than it does here...my wonderfully honest 13-year old brother called me after seeing these pictures and asked me what that "muffin thing" was on my head. Then he said it looks stupid and that I should take it down. Love that kid. 

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week!

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  1. hahahahhahaha Donny. I love the sock bun! Funny that he called it a muffin though... it looks great! :)


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