Thursday, April 4

What I Should Be Doing

This week has been kind of lame. It's been very overwhelming at work, and I swear I've never ever done so much paperwork ever. Satan is working pretty hard on Dalin and I both this week. I seriously want to punch him so hard but that's impossible so instead (and what I should be doing) I'll read my scriptures, vent in my journal and on my blog, and basically just remember that the greatest thing is coming up this weekend--GENERAL CONFERENCE! I am so excited (and relieved) that it is finally here. Plus, baby girl has been kicking all day and we have a prenatal appointment tomorrow morning to look forward to. I'll probably blog about it later. 

Anyhow, after work today, I decided I needed to do something special for Dalin. I was having a horrible day yesterday and he knew it, so he texted me and said, "I just got a surprise for you!" That definitely made me feel better. It is supposed to arrive tomorrow so I still have no idea what it is. But the anticipation is half the fun. 

So back to today--I drove to campus and put together a little gift for my sweet (and oh-so-thoughtful) husband to return the favor. I ended up getting some awesome-looking faded red shorts with a belt, some dark chocolate orange and raspberry sticks (and the girl even put them in a cute bag with a gold bow), and a little card with Tinkerbell which, I have to say, is very cute. On the front it reads: "My happy little thought?" And inside it says: "Never, never letting you go." That actually is my happy thought ironically enough, so I had to buy the card even though usually I prefer to make my own. I brought my things up to Customer Service where a nice girl helped me out by wrapping everything in cute mint green paper. 

After meeting up with Dalin, I asked him to stop at the Creamery so that I could get a few things to make dinner. I have never ever made Beef Stroganoff before, but my Dad used to make it a lot and my whole family loves it, so I figured Dalin would too. I wasn't sure if he had ever had it before and I didn't want to tell him what I was making. 

With my mom's help over the phone, I got the ingredients and as soon as we got home, I began to make it following a Betty Crocker recipe. More specifically, this one: (but I cut all the amounts in half since it's just Dalin and I. Well, all of the amounts except the noodles). It was not as hard as I had expected thankfully. I realized I did not have Worcestershire sauce but luckily, my awesome ward has this Facebook group called "BYU 4th Ward Moms and Moms to Be" that we post on whenever we need some kind of service or when we have something good to give away. I think all wards should have it, really... But anyhow, I posted that I needed a teaspoon of the sauce and one wonderful sister brought some right over to me within five minutes. Seriously, my ward is the best. 

The stroganoff turned out really well. Much better than I'd expected for my first time. Dalin asked, "Dear, are you making Beef Stroganoff?" I said maybe. He said, "Dear, that is my favorite dish! My mom used to make that all the time." Well, I hadn't known that but I was really glad it was something he liked. Even better, he had two humongous helpings of it, making me feel like it must be pretty good  to be worthy of seconds. 

My plate of Beef Stroganoff

One happy husband (he's so, so cute!)
In all, today was a huge improvement from the rest of the week. Tomorrow may be hard, but then comes the weekend and General Conference. I think I can tough it out ;)

If you've been having a hard week and think you can't tough it out, here's a little encouragement from Elder Holland. I love this video. It's worth taking five minutes to watch!


  1. I loved the video!! I miss you Sweetheart! Love, Mom

  2. Thanks for always commenting, Mom :) That makes me happy. Love you!


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