Monday, April 15

The Most Interesting Book I Have Ever Read

Yes, that is a bold claim. And no it probably is not completely accurate since "The Book of Mormon" has changed my life more than any other book. 

But this book is also changing my life.

It is called "The Anatomy of Peace." This is not a book that I ever would have chosen to read on my own. Never ever. Just looking at it for the first time, I thought that it looked suspiciously like a school book. 

It was actually Dalin who suggested that I read it because he has been reading it, too, in preparation for his new job. To be honest, it did not sound like something that would interest me. It seemed like the type of thing a Psychology major like Dalin would enjoy, but I couldn't understand why he was so insistent that I read it. 

Finally, I did. And I couldn't stop reading. Over a period of three nights, I read the entire thing. 

This book is amazing

And let me just say this book is for everyone regardless of religion. Though it makes no mention of Jesus Christ or any particular religion, it definitely promotes His teachings. I would say it is especially appropriate for a Latter-day Saint who is trying to change their attitude or lifestyle for the better. Or their marriage! I definitely feel that this book can benefit every single family. 

To give you a brief understanding of what this book is about, it discusses how we are constantly working against ourselves to achieve inner peace by filling our hearts with conflict. It tells the stories of a couple who has brought their struggling son to a camp which is supposed to "fix him." Little do they know that they are the ones who will be receiving the majority of the instruction. We are introduced to characters that all have unique struggles in their lives--which makes this book appropriate for anyone--no matter what stage in life you might be at. The instructors teach the parents about how they can recognize when their hearts are at war and how they can change their hearts--no matter how hard they are. I liked this quote: "If we have deep problems, it's because we are failing at the deepest part of the solution. And when we fail at this deepest level, we invite our own failure" (37, emphasis added). The book is all about identifying where we are failing and finding the solution. 

Still don't think it's is for you? Here's just one small blurb about what I learned:

This book has given me a more mature attitude toward life. It has brought more happiness to our marriage already as Dalin and I both work harder to see one another as people and not as objects. The book states: "We are always seeing others either as objects--as obstacles, for example, or as vehicles or irrelevancies--or we are seeing them as people" (30-31). Sound weird? It actually makes perfect sense in the book. I feel myself growing happier and my thoughts toward everyone are kinder. I have recognized things that I've been doing not quite as well as I ought to have been and I now know how to correct my thinking

If nothing else, the book has helped me be more at peace with myself. It really is a great book and I wish everyone would read it. The world would definitely be a happier place...but I think I'll be satisfied if at least one other person reads this book. You won't regret it!

You can find the book on Amazon right HERE. Maybe the library even has it. I would seriously just pick it up and read it if I were you and I promise it will be worth it. 

If you have any questions about this book, ask them! I'd be happy to answer them. 

Has anyone read "The Anatomy of Peace"? Have you read a book (besides "The Book of Mormon" ;) that has changed your life for the better? If so, I want to hear about it. 

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