Friday, April 26

The Dreaded Glucose Appointment

K, it actually wasn't that bad. In fact, after downing half the drink in my first long sip, I thought it almost tasted kind of good for a second. It just tasted like a very sugary (and cheap brand of) orange soda. As I continued, it got a little bit harder, knowing I had to finish the bottle in five minutes and not really wanting to drink any more. Between sips I realized there was kind of a nasty aftertaste to the drink. But I finished it and drank a few sips of water for good measure. 

Meanwhile, I had wasted so much time worrying about the drink that I had not had time to worry about the blood drawing. The nurse who did it asked if I ever passed out giving blood and I said no but that I almost fainted once (luckily my brother Payson was there to catch me). I told her I just need to be distracted the whole time because I tend to over think about it and then get light-headed from being so anxious. So she asked me a question and I turned my head and just started talking while she messed with my arm. I didn't look at all (usually I peek) and after it was fine! She did say, "Oh sorry!" at the end and I thought, "What does that mean?" because she hadn't hurt me at all. 

Later at work when I took the tape and cotton off I realized I had two little bruises in the crook of my elbow. It kind of looks like a vampire bite. It freaked me out because that has never happened to me while giving blood before but everyone told me it's pretty common and that it's totally fine. I'm still alive so I would have to assume they were right. 

Other than that, yesterday was pretty normal except there was an excessive amount of traffic around campus due to graduation. SO many people and so many visitors. Translation: SO many bad drivers all crammed together. It was pretty annoying but I tried to look on the bright side--graduation means spring semester which means almost everyone gets out of Provo! I will be the first to admit I LOVE when everyone leaves because there is way less traffic both on the road and on campus. 

Also, Dalin had to be at work at 7am so lucky me, I had to get up at 6:15am, too. I actually used to be really good at getting up early thanks to early morning seminary back in high school. I used to be the one having to drag Payson out of bed to get to seminary on time...which meant 6am. Well poor Dalin is now the one practically dragging me. He can tell I really don't like to be touched or spoken to in the morning (I didn't have the happiest of faces on) so he pretty much just gave me reminders about the time and then went to the car to wait for me which usually makes me hurry up. I am sure I will get used to the new schedule eventually (especially once we have a baby getting us up at all hours of the night anyway) but it kind of stinks because there is almost nothing to do between 7am and 8am around here. No stores are open (I already checked Target) and I don't have to be at work until 10am on a normal day. If I were the exercising type that might be an option. Unfortunately, I'm not unless it's something fun (like cycling). On that particular morning (yesterday, I mean) I had plenty of time to drive by the hospital I'll most likely be delivering at and see where we're supposed to go (so I can hopefully guide Dalin where to drive me) and I even registered at the hospital. Three months early. But the lady said it was a good idea. And I have to say, if I had been in labor while answering those questions, I would not have enjoyed waiting around to share dumb things like my workplace's phone number and whatnot.

So anyway, I need to figure out what to do each morning between 7 and 10am. I suppose there is always cleaning to be done...blah!
What do you think I should do so early in the morning?

Are you an early morning person? (Or have you been forced to become one?)
What is your routine?


  1. I took my glucose test yesterday too! I've got a bruise as well... :-)

    I am a morning person - you are welcome to come over and chat in the mornings if you can't find anything to do. Isaac has to work at 7am, and I like to be ready in the morning when he leaves. I like that the last picture he has of me is a fresh beautiful one. Somehow, I think it makes his day brighter. When you have your little girl, it will become easier to get up in the mornings, and you will have more to do. In the wee hours of the morning, when the world still seems to be asleep, I will usually clean the house. It is such an AMAZING feeling to have your house cleaned before the day has even begun for most people! It makes your day WONDERFUL. Also, another thing I like to do is to do laundry. It's weird starting laundry when it's still dark outside, but it's the best time. The laundromats at Wymount are empty and peaceful at that time, and it just feels like everything goes faster. I also write in my journal, or read scriptures or anything like that. I will plan meals, and then plan my shopping list accordingly. There are TONS of things you can get done around the house in the morning when the world is asleep! Someday, when we move out of Wymount, I'll have a garden, and I will weed in the mornings, when the air is fresh, crisp, and new - before the sun has a chance to rise up and get hot. :-) It's a good time!

    1. I LOVE those ideas, Emily! I wish we had a garden, too. Whenever we drive by Lowe's or I see plants I want to stop and get some for our porch. I would love to have a tomato plant and a few others at least. And I really need to get into a better laundry routine. Also, someday I probably WILL visit you! Thanks for the advice! :)


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