Monday, February 10

Just Busy Being a Mom

My life today has been trying to be productive, which is why this post is really short. I actually like Mondays right now (mostly since I've become a stay-at-home mom). It is certainly a challenge getting things done with a baby, but it isn't impossible (glass half full...sorta). Look at the tremendous amount of dishes I tackled today from the past three days (sad, I know)! 


And after: 
If you're looking at the time on my microwave, it took like half an hour tops, I just forgot to take a pic right away.

Anyway, here is a nice quote on some cute paper that my sweet cousin Whitney made for me before Tenley was born. I love this and seeing it again today helped me to remember that I need to have my priorities right. Read it and tell me what you think (or what you would add!) Also, note to self, I need to move this to a more noticeable location.
What would you add to this? 
(I take your suggestions very seriously, so please take a moment and consider!)
What have you accomplished today? I hope it's been more than I have!


  1. I love that you have 3 different hand soaps...I used to, now I only have 2 and my husband thinks it's weird and wasteful!
    Also, as tenley gets older she'll want to help and that makes getting things done easier! we make it a game to put the toys away, or putting laundry away, both my kids love to help vaccuum, my 2yr old is in charge of dusting base boards and my 5 yr old can make beds, fold socks, put the silverware away and set the table! it's SOO much harder with a baby, but hang in there. the dishes can be done when she's sleeping! :)
    you are an amazing mother

    1. Thank you for your comment, Annie! I loved it! Haha, so we have four soaps actually (they're cut out) because there was a deal at Bath & Bodyworks one time that got us four soaps, and then we couldn't decide which to use so we just put them all out and they're all at various levels of use. The red one (which you can't see) is almost full still haha. Also, we thought that it looked pretty/cool with all four colors. We don't wash our hands more than the average amount I would guess, though haha, we just like the scents.
      And thank you for saying that! I can't even wait until Tenley can help me. She already watches every single thing I do so if she was able, I'm sure she would love to be with mommy. I can't wait for more kids! It'll be great!

  2. I have a sure fire way to keep the inside of the microwave clean,I cover the food with a plate,so rarely have to clean splatters..


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